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"Masses of people are involved in a major construction job here... carrying materials, moving stones, tarring the roofs of new woodworks, etc. There seems to be a great amount of work to be done."Redemption
Many people have contributed to Eamon in a variety of roles. (A cleric, a knight, and a laborer from Li Livres dou Sante, 13th century France.)

The People Portal helps you reach articles on the many individuals connected to Eamon.

Adventure authors

Authors' adventures are ordered by adventure number.

Name Adventure(s)
Jeff Actor 3
Steve Adelson 1
Jeff Allen 4
Anne Anderson 1
Bonnie Anderson 1
James Anderson 1
Margaret Anderson 4
Matt Ashcraft 1
Sean Averill 1
Tony Barban 1
Ed Bauman 1
Marty Bauman 1
Paul Balyoz 1
Tim Berge 5
Sam Bhayani 3
Frank Black 7
Kenn Blincoe 1
Logan Blizzard 1
Paul Braun 2
Donald Brown 17
Doug Burrows 1
Robert Claney 1
Matthew Clark 1
Wade Clarke 4
David Cook 1
Steve Costanzo 1
Johnathan Cottingham 1
Joel Cranston 1
David Crawford 2
Dan Cross 1
Joey Czarnik 1
Michael Dalton 1
Bob Davis 2
Jared Davis 1
Robert Davis 2
William Davis 1
Don Doumakes 4
Clyde Easterday 1
Marc Elkin 1
Mike Ellis 1
Thomas Ferguson 1
Matt Findley 1
Andrew Geha 1
Geoffrey Genz 2
Greg Gioia 3
Pat Gise 2
Matthew Grayson 1
Mike Greifenkamp 3
Glenn Gribble 1
Boris Guenter 1
George Gunn 1
Mike Hamaoka 1
Paul Hamaoka 1
Michael Haney 1
Henry Haskell 2
Bruce Haylock 1
Rick Hersam 1
Randall Hersom 1
Charles Hewgley 2
Jay Hinkelman 1
Evan Hodson 4
Ken Hoffman 1
Aaron Hunt 1
Pat Hurst 4
Karl Ivers 1
Jim Jacobson 5
Derek Jeter 1
Robert Karsten 1
Don Kellogg 1
Dan Knezek 1
Brian Kondalski 2
Rick Krebs 2
Ed Kuypers 1
Justin Langseth 1
Ron Ledbetter 1
Dan Lilienkamp 1
Jon Lilienkamp 1
Bob Linden 1
John MacArthur 1
J. M. Menassanch 1
Jeanette Merrill 1
Matthew Mullin 1
Adam Myrow 1
John Nelson 22
Ken Nestle 1
Ray Olszewski 1
Rodger Osgood 1
David Owens 2
Ryan Page 1
Robert Parker 18
Roger Pender 7
Michael Penner 4
Ed Phillips 1
Joe Pirone 1
Robert Pirone 1
James Plamondon 2
Robert Plamondon 1
Allan Porter 4
Hoyle Purvis 8
Robert Romanchuk 1
Clayton Roth 1
Sam Ruby 18
Sam 5
Phil Schulz 6
Nathan Segerlind 9
Corey Sena 1
Bob Slemon 2
David Smith 2
Fred Smith 1
Sandy Smith 1
Keith Somers 1
Andrea Sparks 1
David Sparks 2
Paul Stadfeld 3
Scott Starkey 2
Ted Swartz 2
Jim Tankard 2
Thomas Tetirick 1
Jay Thompson 1
Richard Tonsing 1
Kurt Townsend 1
William Trent 2
Paul Van Bloem 1
Red Varnum 1
Joe Vercellone 1
Rick Volberding 5
Jon Walker 1
Jeff Weener 1
Peter Wityk 1
Tom Zuchowski 7
Anonymous 1
Anonymous 1


The following are developers not already listed among the adventure authors.

Name Project
Andy Andrews Eamon Utility Master
John Beaty Eamon Master 3
David Cheever The Lost Isle conversion
Tony Cillo Atari Eamon-related utility
Whit Crowley HyperCard Eamon
Keith Dechant Eamon Remastered
Scott Everts Lightning Eamon, Expanded Master
Ragnar Fyri Eamon Master 4
Paul Gilbert Eamon PC conversion
Jon Heng Eamon II, Eamon Master 2
Paul Hollander Commodore 64 Eamon
Jeff Hurlburt Eamon Master JH
Josh Johnson The Eamon Guild of Free Adventurers
David Korabell Free Pascal Eamon port
Mark Mains Display Characters program
Ron Maleika Guildhall
Vince Martin Imagery!
Bruce Miller Eamon Functions
Ray Moody Imagery!
Daniel Noguerol Atari 800 Eamon
Mark Peterson The Adventure (assumed)
Tom Phelps ProDOS Eamon Master
Darrel Raines Eamon IIgs
Paul Raymer Eamon Utilities V Character Editor
Roy Riggs Imagery!
Kent Sullivan Imagery!
Don Unrath Character Builder program


Name Role
Tony Baechler Club correspondent
Bruce Baker Club correspondent
Steve Bernbaum Debugger, reviewer
Jeff Bianco AdventureDisk publisher
Andy Brobston Reviewer
Mike Ching Kula Software owner/operator
Richard Davies Walkthrough writer
Fredrik Ekman Webmaster of The Unofficial Home Page of Eamon Games
Dean Esmay GEnie Apple II file librarian
Bill Fesselmeyer "Grandfather of Eamon"
Gary Flanagan Eamon Adventurer's Log contributor
Ken Gagne Juiced.GS editor
Ralph Glatt Club correspondent
David Grenda Club correspondent
Jim Grosshans Eamonaut of the Month
Jeff Harris Eamon Adventurer's Log contributor
Luke Hewitt Reviewer, writer, tester
Raquel Johnson Artist
Ken Kill Eamonaut of the Month
"King Gordo" Reviewer
Erik Kloeppel Developer, newsletter contributor
Steve Mahr Eamon Adventurer's Log contributor
Bill Martens Eamon researcher, Call-A.P.P.L.E. editor
Patrick Moen VI mode tester
Dan Moore The Image editor
Phillip Moore Debugger, reviewer
R. L. Phillips Eamon dragon creator
Paul Sanders Eamon researcher
Ken Sherwood Early Eamon organizer
Filipe Silva First Eamon Deluxe player
Richard Skeie Founder of the Computer Emporium and CE Software
Phil Smith Club correspondent
"Starshine" Reviewer
Michael Thyng Call-A.P.P.L.E. Eamon Adventure Contest organizer
Doug Trueman DDD contributor
Matt Vigor Newsletter contributor
Huw Williams Webmaster of the Eamon Wiki
Holly Zehnder Club correspondent
Robert Zelenka Club correspondent


  • Individuals marked with a dagger () are confirmed deceased. See the dagger template to learn how to add a dagger mark to a record and link it to an obituary or other online memorial.

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