The Lair of Mr. Ed

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The Lair of Mr. Ed
Eamon adventure #158
Author Nathan Segerlind
Released September 1988
Revised 6 November 1988
EAG number 158
EDX number 08-05
EDX set The Nathan Segerlind Adventures
Native format Apple DOS 3.3
File Eamon 158 - The Lair of Mr. Ed.dsk

The Lair of Mr. Ed is an Eamon adventure written by Nathan Segerlind and released in September 1988. Its villain is based on the eponymous talking horse from the 1960s TV series Mister Ed.


From the introduction:

A few weeks ago, at the annual Eamon-Bazoom good-will festival, you met a fierce warrior from this strange planet. His name was P'Tin Kan, and he was almost as noble a warrior as you. Becoming fast friends, you set off on many joint quests, trying to see who could save the other's neck the most.

But then one day, when you went to the Main Hall, P'Tin Kan wasn't in his usual seat...

Worried for your new-found friend, you went straight to the Burly Irishman and asked what happened to him. The Burly Irishman was almost too sad and horrified to speak, but he finally told you the fate of P'Tin Kan (after about 3 double dragon blombes!)...

"P'Tin Kan was looking about an act of sabotage at the king's castle last Thursday, that bein' his job as deputy to Lord Missilefire. But anyway, P'Tin found a trail of horse-hooves leading directly into the king's radar room, where the sabotoory was done. O' course, no spy would bring his horse to the scene of the crime, so it had to be that renegade stallion, Mr. Ed!"

Nobody saw P'Tin Kan after that night. His chambers were searched, and all that was found was a trail of horse hooves! It is almost certain that Mr. Ed has captured P'Tin Kan, since he knew too much.

Infuriated at Mr. Ed's evil deeds, you set out at once to find the whereabouts of this Mr. Ed guy. It turns out that he dwells in a heavily guarded fortress in the middle of a thick forest. So you ask Hokas to zap you there. As he completes the spell he says...

"Good luck. You got your work cut out for you!"


Adventure map by Frank Black
⚠️ A walkthrough is needed for this adventure.


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