Wrenhold's Secret Vigil

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Wrenhold's Secret Vigil
Eamon adventure #121
Wrenhold's Secret Vigil intro.png
Author Bob Davis
Created 25 October 1985
Released June 1986
Revised 5 November 1989 (DOS)
8 November 1992 (ProDOS)
EAG number 121
EDX number 12-14
EDX set Best of the Classic Adventures
Native format Apple DOS 3.3

Wrenhold's Secret Vigil is an Eamon adventure written by Bob Davis.


Davis announced the release of his adventure in the June 1986 edition of the Eamon Adventurer's Log newsletter.


While fishing on the banks of a broad lake south of the Main Hall, you encounter a band of men rowing their boat toward you; their leader hails you and says his kingdom is in desperate need of the services of a great adventurer like yourself. You decide to join their party and travel back across the lake with them to their kingdom which lies near the foot of Mount Eilaak, a high peak visible in the distance.

When you arrive you're met by King Argas who describes the problem: the kingdom's animals have inexplicably gone berserk, attacking and killing people on sight, and the wizard who was seeking a solution — Master Wrenhold — has lost his life-orb and now lies near death. The king promises you gold and a rare Elven weapon in exchange for your help in finding a solution. You're escorted to the base of Mount Eilaak to begin your investigation.

Full introduction

While traveling south from the Main Hall, you come across a path leading into a lightly-wooded area filled with wild grass, deer and hare. The meandering dirt track eventually leads to the edge of a crystalline lake, serene and placid as ice. The lake seems to extend up to the far-away mountains, the only thing on the southern horizon. Deciding to try your hand at catching your noon meal, you fashion a fishing pole and settle on the grass along the shore waiting for a tug on the line from a swingjaw, or maybe even a mouth-watering black cruscrunch. However, the peacefulness and warm sun soon lull you to sleep.

Suddenly, you wake to someone shouting for anyone near. You scout the trees with your eyes, but cannot see from whom the shouts originate. Finally you hear sounds of water splashing and look to the lake. A small boat, with a crew of eight, rows toward a small open beach to your right. A brightly clothed man standing in the front of the boat spies you and shouts, "Stand fast! I beseech thee, I am in urgent need and require direction! You shall be paid for your time!" With that last statement, your interest in the man's affairs kindles and ignites.

The boat lands, the heavy, balding man wearing tight gold trousers and blue shirt climbs hastily out and slowly runs up to you. "I am in need of a great Adventurer and must have direction to the infamous Adventurer's Guild at once. My king and land depend on the abilities of one such rogue and I fear we have but scarce days left."

The short, fidgety man looks sleepless but seems to be driven by a sense of urgency. You state that you are what he seeks, an Adventurer of the Guild, bold and mighty and ready for any task (especially when funded by desperate kings). You walk to the boat, hop over the side, and sit waiting for the portly man to climb in.

Nervously, he stares at you and insists, "I must have a tried and true mercenary for my king or we shall all surely perish."

Staring evilly down at him, hand on weapon, you outline his choices to him; either take you to see his king or find the Main Hall on his own, risking more time his kingdom cannot afford.

Reluctantly, as you somehow foresaw, he climbs in and commands his tired, ragged crew to row back across the lake.

Seeking to know more details of your self-appointed task, you engage the man, who you have learned to be Adrelik, the king's scribe, in conversation.

"Things are not right within our kingdom," Adrelik volunteers. "Nightly raids are made on the king's fields, scouts do not return from assignments, and the animals run mad killing peasants and livestock.

"Our wizard Wrenhold the Pure, his life-orb stolen, grows weaker by the day. He can no longer cast spells to protect the kingdom. I fear all may be lost before my return."

Adrelik points out a mountain that lies ahead. "That is Mount Eilaak; our kingdom lies in its valley." You try to judge its distance, but cannot. While gazing at it, it seems to move closer. Suddenly you realize the boat has been accelerating for some time. You surmise that these people must know the currents of the lake well, for the boat speed surely exceeds the efforts of the rowing men.

You decide to sleep, knowing the journey may take some time. You doze through the evening and the night, waking to a grey and blue morning sky with wisps of fog bouncing over the waves.

The boat has traversed the lake and pulls alongside one of four wooden piers jutting from a long stone wall facing the lake. Waves push the boat into the dockside as a cool breeze slides across the lake from the northwest. A door opens at the end of the pier, exposing a small armed entourage of six royal guards and an elderly man in a black robe with silver fastenings. He greets Adrelik with no emotion and ushers you through the doorway.

After traveling several passages and climbing many winding stairways, the unspeaking Elder stops before an open doorway to a conference chamber and motions you in. He closes the door behind him, leaving the guards stationed outside.

"Forgive me for not speaking," he begins, "but I could not have my voice recognized by chance passerbys. We know not what befalls our beloved land. I am king Argas, he who has asked for your assistance and who is grateful of your unselfishness to help."

"Our land is troubled, crops razed, people hurt and killed by the most timid of creatures - squirrel, deer and moundmole attacking on sight. Master Wrenhold, our wizard in counsel, was seeking an answer when he lost possession of his life-orb. Now he lies destitute, his health slipping each hour.

"We need you, Sam, to either find and return the life-orb or Master Wrenhold or, better for us all, eliminate the travesty that plagues us. Master Wrenhold has become much too expensive lately for services all too often not rendered and we are uncertain of any solution he may pose even with his life-orb returned.

"If you succeed in your task, you shall be rewarded with 4000 gold pieces and a special weapon hand-made from Elves that used to dwell in these lands before the Great Battle of Darkness.

"Master Wrenhold has advised me that he is too weak to help you. You will meet him on your way out so that he may match auras with you and not harm you when you touch the orb. Go now and may you be blessed on this noble task."

After visiting with the ailing wizard Wrenhold, a nice enough fellow if a bit unkempt, you are escorted past the city gates, through a thick forest, and part company at the base of Mount Eilaak. This area is known as having the most incidents of attacks and disappearances.


  • The adventure is identified in the diskette's loading program as Secret Watch of Wrenhold.
  • The opening REM comments in the adventure's introduction note that it was written by Bob Davis on October 25, 1985, 8PM, "under close adult supervision".

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