Beginner's Cave II

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Beginner's Cave II
Eamon adventure #186
Beginner's Cave II intro.png
Author John Nelson
Released December 1989
Revised 21 June 1995
EAG number 186
EDX number 01-04
EDX set Beginners Adventures
Native format Apple DOS 3.3

Beginner's Cave II is an Eamon adventure written by John Nelson.


In the review of Beginner's Cave II (written by "Starshine") in June 1990 issue of the Eamon Adventurer's Guild Newsletter, the reviewer criticized the adventure for including a bug in which the Power spell causes an "OUT OF DATA" error. Following the review, Tom Zuchowski appended an editor's note, stating that the Power bug was due to mistakes in his own conversion of the adventure from Nelson's Eamon II (and not, therefore, Nelson's fault).

This note strongly suggests that Beginner's Cave II was initially written for Eamon II and then backported to Eamon, in the same way that Amateur Alley was backported from Nelson's Knight Quest.

If this is correct, this places Beginner's Cave II in a small class of Eamon adventures that were ported from competing platforms (others include The Quest for the Fire Dragon and the more recent Land of the Mountain King).

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