Eamon v7.0 Demo Adventure

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Eamon v7.0 Demo Adventure
Eamon adventure #162
Author Tom Zuchowski
Released December 1988
Revised 20 Nov 1989 (DOS)
26 May 1990 (ProDOS)
EAG number 162
EDX number 05-05
EDX set The Thomas Zuchowski Adventures
Native format Apple DOS 3.3
Files Eamon 162 - Eamon v7.0 Demo Adventure.dsk
Eamon 162 - Eamon v7.0 Demo Adventure (ProDOS).dsk

Eamon v7.0 Demo Adventure is an Eamon adventure written by Tom Zuchowski.


From the introduction:

Welcome to the Eamon v.7.0 Demonstration Adventure! This adventure is designed to show this version's features. There are 18 rooms, 141 artifacts, 2 effects, and 63 monsters. Most of the artifacts and monsters are "dummies" that do not exist within the adventure, but were added in order to demonstrate the speed of the search routines. The vast majority of the monsters are in the form of "group-monsters", including a 750-man army

Among the things that you will want to check out are examining, inventorying, and healing monsters. Your spell ability decreases with use, but will regenerate over time. A monster now knows which weapon is "his" when he drops it. Some artifacts have new fields and the monster fields have been redone. There is a new artifact type: "wearable". This includes clothing, shields, and armor. Note that the special fields for this type are in place for the sake of standardization, but are not presently implemented.

You have been sent by the Irishman to investigate a modern Eamon that he has heard about. You are told that there will be many subtle changes, and you promise to try many things, and to be on the watch for new stuff. Among other things, you suspect that the old spells may be completely new, that the battles surely have been extensively reworked, and that the "look" command no longer will find hidden doors. You can inventory your friends now, and heal them, too. You set out, eager to see what can be seen!


Adventure map by Frank Black
⚠️ A walkthrough is needed for this adventure.


  • Returning in this adventure are Heinrich, a friendly fighter you first encounter in The Beginners Cave, and the Black Knight, described as "your old nemesis".

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