The Haunted Castle

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The Haunted Castle
Eamon adventure
Author Paul Stadfeld
Created c. 1993
Native format Pascal

The Haunted Castle is a lost adventure created by Paul Stadfeld (aka "Mensanator") for his Turbo Pascal port of the Eamon game system. Thomas Ferguson discovered a reference to the adventure online at Stadfeld's website and contacted him for more information, which he shared in a September 2012 post to the EAG blog.

Ferguson reported the following description of the adventure which he received in correspondence with the author:

In The Haunted Castle, the adventurer is knocked unconscious and wakes up with his gold, armor, and weapons taken from him. His quest is to wander the castle and find them (and any treasure he finds along the way). Instead of COLD, there is an apparition that appears and casts a Blast spell. If the adventurer makes it to the basement of the castle, he will find a head on a stake that will provide immunity.

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