Assault on the Mole Man

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Assault on the Mole Man
Eamon adventure #26
Author John Nelson
Released c. 1982
Revised 8 July 1995
EAG number 26
EDX number 04-08
EDX set The John Nelson Adventures
Native format Apple DOS 3.3
File Eamon 26 - Assault on the Mole Man.dsk

Assault on the Mole Man is an Eamon adventure written by John Nelson.


The adventure begins with gossip at the Main Hall concerning "rumblings" in Marewood Forest alerting the adventurer to a new opportunity for an excursion. The introduction continues by suggesting that upon exploring the forest, the adventurer discovers tracks in the earth and gets lost following them before being dragged underground by a mysterious pair of hands. The lack of oxygen in the underground tunnels beneath the forest causes the adventurer to lose consciousness and, after waking, the adventurer must explore the underground lair of a villain known as the Mole Man.


⚠️ A walkthrough is needed for this adventure.
Adventure map by Frank Black


Assault on the Mole Man takes place in underground caverns below Marewood Forest, described as "a few miles outside" of the Main Hall.


Assault on the Mole Man is followed by a sequel, also written by John Nelson, called "Revenge of the Mole Man."


Tom Zuchowski awarded the adventure a score of 5, calling it "one of the many 'just for fun' Eamons that John is rightly famous for." Zuchowski assigned the adventure a difficulty rating of 7, pointing out the "obscurity" of several puzzles. The adventure currently has an average rating of 6 from three ratings.


  • Between this adventure and its sequel, the adventurer encounters a number of the Mole Man's "mindless slaves" but also encounters individuals with military rank (e.g. a sergeant, a captain, and a "General Lard"), indicating that the Mole Man is aided by a paramilitary organization of sorts.
  • A number of iron doors block the adventurer's path until he or she is able to retrieve a "strange device." Beyond one of these doors, the adventurer will find a series of chambers in which the members of Marvel Comics' Fantastic Four are being held prisoner. This, paired with the presence of a character named "Tyrannus", suggest that the eponymous Mole Man is intended to be the villain from the Fantastic Four comic books.
  • In one chamber, Nelson riffs on the Eamon engine's frequent report that an adventurer finds "nothing of interest" by including "nothing of interest" as an enemy monster. This is reminiscent of the encounter in Through the Looking Glass in which "nobody" is seen on the road.

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