The Quest for Marron

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The Quest for Marron
Eamon adventure #21
Author John Nelson
Released c. 1981
Revised 4 May 1989 (DOS)
3 July 1993 (ProDOS)
EAG number 21
EDX number 04-05
EDX set The John Nelson Adventures
Native format Apple DOS 3.3
Files Eamon 21 - The Quest for Marron.dsk
Eamon 21 - The Quest for Marron (ProDOS).dsk

The Quest for Marron is an Eamon adventure written by John Nelson.


This adventure predates the formation of the National Eamon User's Club in March 1984 so its release date can only be approximated, but is likely around 1981. The original version of the adventure contained several bugs (one of which is noted in some copies of the BugLog utility), so in the January 1985 issue of the club newsletter Nelson announced that he was updating the adventure "on a vast scale". He said in the March issue that he'd finished the rewrite, which provided "more reliability under certain unusual circumstances."


From the introduction:

A very good friend of yours recently became violently ill. She ranted and raved like a person possessed. As a matter of fact, that was the exact diagnosis that the head of the church and the local doctor arrived at.

They said that there was nothing they could do. There is no medical cure and the wizards you have found so far have said that the problem was not their area of specialty.

But you finally managed to find a wise old sage that told you of a powerful holy man that specialized in demonic possession.

The man's name is Marron and he lives somewhere on Mount Sunis in the caves. They say he has lost his marbles and now lives in recluse with his strange friends.

You do not know whether you can get Marron to come into the village to help Katharyn, your friend, so you decide to take Katharyn up to the holy man, instead.

Katharyn is much too violent to take along so you must bind her and carry her. So, you chain her and wrap her in a canvas bag and head off for the caves of Mount Sunis.

Good luck.


⚠️ A walkthrough is needed for this adventure.
Adventure map by Frank Black

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