Pat Hurst

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This is a Class C (bronze star) article.
Pat Hurst
Full name Patrick R. Hurst
Notability Adventure author
Newsletter contributor
Location Iowa

Pat Hurst is the author of four Eamon adventures. One of Hurst's goals as an Eamon author was to provide a unified and cohesive setting for the game; in the notes to The Dark Brotherhood, he writes that his goal was "to create a series of adventures that is internally consistent so there are some things like gods and locations that [the adventurer] may have seen in another adventure." Hurst organized this background material into the Eamon Gazetteer, a document he wrote and distributed that acted as a "series bible" for his adventures.

Hurst also served as the NEUC's "loremaster," authoring a number of columns cataloging the assorted weapons and monsters of Eamon, and penned reviews of several adventures.

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