Quest of Erebor

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Quest of Erebor
Eamon adventure #128
Author Sam Ruby
Released January 1987
Revised 16 June 1988 (DOS)
26 October 1993 (ProDOS)
EAG number 128
EDX number 09-07
EDX set The Sam Ruby Adventures
Native format Apple DOS 3.3
Files Eamon 128 - Quest of Erebor.dsk
Eamon 128 - Quest of Erebor (ProDOS).dsk

Quest of Erebor is an Eamon adventure written by Sam Ruby, released in January 1987 as the second installment of his four-part series The War of the Ring.


You're resting in the Shire with your old friend Bilbo Baggins when a knock comes from the door. You open it and to your surprise twelve Dwarves walk in. Behind them is the wizard Gandalf who explains that they've all come for your help.

The most prestigious Dwarf, Thorin Oakenshield, speaks for the group and tells the tale of how his people were forced to flee the ancient dwarven stronghold of Moria and journey to a new home in Erebor, the Lonely Mountain of the East. There they lived in exile until a great dragon, Smaug the Terrible, appeared and ransacked the mountain, killed its inhabitants, and rested inside on his hoard of stolen treasure.

Now two hundred years later, the dwarves are ready to retake their home and wish you to join them (and share the treasure). You and Bilbo both accept their offer. Before you set out, Gandalf shares with Thorin a map of the Lonely Mountain and a key to a secret entrance.

Full introduction

You were resting in the Shire, a settlement of Hobbits, with your old friend Bilbo Baggins (a respectable Hobbit a little on the chubby side) when the knock came on the door.

You opened the door, and to your surprise, twelve Dwarves walked in. Behind them was the wizard Gandalf. Bilbo almost had a fit, but you wanted to hear what Gandalf had to say. He told you that he and the Dwarves had come for your help. "Yours and Bilbo's," he said.

The most prestigious Dwarf, Thorin Oakenshield, spoke. "Ages ago, there was Moria, the Dwarven home. But darkness came and we were forced to leave. It was then that my grandfather, Thror, went to Erebor, the Lonely Mountain of the East. There he built the kingdom in exile, and became King under the Mountain. The Dwarves prospered and traded with the Northmen of Dale and Esgaroth.

"And then, the worm came. Smaug the Terrible he was, a dragon from the Withered Heath. He destroyed Dale and entered the main gate of Erebor. Once inside he killed all the Dwarves, sealed the passages, and, I suppose, gathered the treasure. For two hundred years he has sat there. Now it is time for us to regain our gold and kingdom. Gandalf said you were a Hero who would be able to help us, and Mr. Baggins, an expert treasure-hunter. Our journey itself will be perilous, for we must go through the north of the Forest of Fear, Mirkwood. Then we must reach Erebor and face the dragon."

Naturally, you accepted the offer of a full share, and so did Bilbo (after some encouragement). Gandalf added some advice: "Mirkwood is dangerous. Avoid the Enchanted River and its black waters. You will be beyond the edge of the Wild for your entire trip."

"Thorin, I have something for you. It is a map I was given by your father, who got it from your grandfather. I also have a key. Apparently, there was a secret entrance, which you should use because a direct assault on Smaug would fail. The map does not show where it is, but the words 'Sit by the stone when the crow knocks, and by the light of Durin's Day (the Dwarvish New Year), you may enter' are written on it."


Adventure map by Sam Ruby

Author Jared Davis wrote a detailed walkthrough for the adventure in 2005 which was published on the EAG Online website.

Designer's notes

Ruby includes the following notes:

I have to keep this short 'cause I'm almost out of space, but I'd like to say that this is part of my Middle-earth series but is not directly tied to The Lord of the Rings Parts 1, 2, 2.5, and 3. The adventure is for beginning and intermediate characters. You will find that, like my others, this adventure's map for the most part corresponds to the map in Tolkien's books. There are two places that must be mapped separately: the halls of the Elven king, and the Lonely Mountain. It takes a while to get through, and there are a lot of long pauses. Please be patient. The adventure is jam-packed but as a result it takes a while to get through some of the loops.

If you get stuck, or would just like to see if you caught everything, you can write to me for the total solution (just send me a self addressed envelope and I'll be happy to send it to you). I'm interested in your comments about this and my other adventures so please drop me a line.

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