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Welcome to the Eamon Wiki!

The intro screen of the Apple II version of Eamon

Eamon is an interactive role-playing game with over 250 unique adventures, first developed around 1979 for the Apple II and since ported to many other systems. This wiki collects and records information about the history of the game, from its creation by Donald Brown, through the growing list of collaborators and adventure authors over many years, to the various system ports and newsletters.

Playing Eamon

Eamon started on the Apple II computer, but versions of it exist for many platforms. Whether you're a die-hard Apple fan or a casual adventurer who wants to play the game in a web browser, you can find a version that fits your style.

Apple II disk images are available from the Eamon Adventurer's Guild. This is the most comprehensive collection, containing nearly all of the 250+ adventures that have been published.

Eamon Deluxe is a port of Eamon to MS-DOS, containing over 100 adventures. It features an upgraded game engine and better graphics, plus a few exclusive adventures.

Eamon Remastered is a port of Eamon to JavaScript to run in a web browser, with no emulator required. It contains over 20 adventures, with more being ported every month.


Eamon is remarkable for the ability to create a player character in the Main Hall and take the same character on dozens of different quests. There are over 250 adventures for Eamon, ranging from fantasy quests, to dungeon crawls, to sci-fi and modern adventures, as well as a few that defy categorization.

See the Adventures Portal for a list of all the adventures, plus walkthroughs and other info.

About the Wiki

The wiki has 681 articles and is in phase 4. (More statistics)

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