Gary Flanagan

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Gary Flanagan
Gary Flanagan.png
Full name Gary Norbert Flanagan
Notability Newsletter contributor
Location Omaha, Nebraska
Occupation Graphic artist
Born 17 November 1957
Died 26 January 2013

Gary Flanagan (17 November 1957 – 26 January 2013) was a graphic artist who contributed art to the Eamon Adventurer's Log newsletter, notably the drawing of a dragon that appeared in the newsletter's banner. Editor John Nelson first credited Flanagan in the October 1984 issue and cited him in the staff list with various humorous titles such as "Art Direction–Omaha Office", "Norbert de Ne", and "Dragon-Drawer"; he ultimately described Flanagan as "retired" and said he was "last seen doing bike cartoons."

A native Iowan, Flanagan studied graphic arts at Des Moines Area Community College before moving to Omaha, Nebraska, where he worked as a designer and photographer and was a supporter of local music. He died of a heart attack in January 2013.

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