The Hindenburg Ogre

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The Hindenburg Ogre
Eamon adventure #249
Author David Owens
Released March 2004
Revised 27 March 2004
EAG number 249
EDX number 18-09
EDX set Classic Eamon Adventures, Vol. 6
Native format Apple DOS 3.3
File Eamon 249 - The Hindenburg Ogre.dsk

The Hindenburg Ogre is an Eamon adventure written by David Owens. Matthew Clark announced its release in March 2004.


The wizard Hokas Tokas angrily confronts you in the Main Hall: his reasons for being upset with you are unclear but he's very determined to teach you a lesson in being a bold and honest adventurer. Since Hokas is a collector of pulp adventure magazines, he decides to magically send you into the fictional word of one of his favorite heroes, "Doc Hazzard", where you'll take Hazzard's place and assume his identity.

Awaking from the effects of the spell, you find yourself in a bedroom in Hazzard's mansion in 1937, and from somewhere nearby hear the sound of breaking glass.

Full introduction

You are chugging ale with your chums in the Main Hall when the great wizard Hokas Tokas storms in and points his finger at you angrily.

"Jerkface!" Hokas hisses. "I warned you to stay away from my daughter! Here's what I'm gonna do! And you ain't gonna like it one bit! I'm sending you to fight your way out of an adolescent male power fantasy concocted by a hack writer of the 1930's. You will take the place of a pulp magazine hero named Doc Hazzard, and he will come here to take your place in the world of Eamon. My spell will keep any of the other characters in the novel from realizing that you aren't him."

You scratch your head. "Who is Doc Hazzard?"

Hokas suddenly smiles. "He's my favorite pulp magazine hero! I'm a collector, you know! Doc is a fabulously wealthy young scientific genius, a top athlete, a crack shot with any firearm, a master of jiu jitsu, an ace pilot, and all the chicks really dig him!" Hokas grows more excited and enthusiastic as he talks. "Doc has personal connections at every level of government, and he has dedicated his life to free lance crime busting and trouble shooting. He lives to serve justice!"

Hokas' face darkens again. "In other words, he's the complete opposite of you!"

You shrug. "What's so terrible about trading places with a guy like that?" You wonder if Hokas is losing it in his old age.

Hokas grins wickedly. "You probably won't come back alive, that's what! I'm betting you ain't got the smarts or the muscle to survive this."

Hokas waves his arms and mutters a mystical incantation. The room begins to spin and grow dark.

"So long, chump!" Hokas snarls. "Get home the best way you can!"

Everything goes dark. Before you lose consciousness you have a vision.

You see the cover of a cheaply printed magazine titled Doc Hazzard. The lurid cover illustration shows a handsome young man in a torn khaki shirt, jodhpurs and black boots fighting a man-like thing with two heads, fangs and green skin in the control gondola of a Zeppelin. The green thing is wearing an SS uniform and has swastikas tattooed on both its foreheads. Some lettering in the lower right corner says, "This issue! Doc Hazzard fights the Hindenburg Ogre!"

You wonder why you would have such an odd vision...

...and just as the darkness becomes total, you suddenly remember that Hokas Tokas doesn't have a daughter...

You awaken lying in a huge bed with silken sheets. This is the master bedroom of Doc Hazzard's mansion. The sound of breaking glass coming from some other room has awakened you. Sensing trouble, you leap out of bed and realize you are undressed. All you can find in the closet are khaki shirts, jodhpurs and black boots. You put these on and look around the room.

You find Doc Hazzard's very favorite weapon, a Bascombe & Hughes .45 with double reverse rollover action.

On the wall you see a black and white photograph of a balding elderly gent wearing a military uniform. This is Colonel Huxtable, a close friend of the Hazzard family who holds a high position in Army Intelligence. More than one of Doc Hazzard's exciting adventures has started with a message from Colonel Huxtable.

A calendar on the wall tells you that the date is May 6, 1937. For some reason this is vaguely disturbing.

You hear the sound of breaking glass again. You'd better investigate. Now.


⚠️ A walkthrough is needed for this adventure.
Adventure map by Frank Black


  • The name "Doc Hazzard" evokes the characters Doc Savage and Captain Hazzard, heroes of pulp adventure magazines published in the 1930s and 1940s.

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