A Trip to Fort Scott

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Coordinates: 37°50′37″N 94°42′17″W / 37.8437°N 94.7046°W / 37.8437; -94.7046

A Trip to Fort Scott
Eamon adventure #154
A Trip to Fort Scott intro.png
Author William Trent
Released June 1988
EAG number 154
EDX number 16-05
EDX set Classic Eamon Adventures, Vol. 4

A Trip to Fort Scott is an Eamon adventure written by William Trent.


From the game's introduction:

You are on your way to your 50th high school reunion at Fort Scott, Kansas. On the way you have been commissioned by the Adventurer's Guild to look into the strange happenings in and around the Mulholland Tunnel located in the Santa Monica Mountains. There have been reports of strange creatures appearing and of people disappearing in the area.

A famous dancer named Amanda is among those who have disappeared. Your main quest is to find Amanda and her cousin Matthew and return them to their home. Some who supposedly escaped have mentioned being transported in some weird way to Civil War times. The police have dismissed these stories as hallucinations of weirdos and have given up searching. You don't believe the stories are true but...


Los Angeles area

Trent identifies the locus of the strange activity at the start of the adventure as the Mulholland Tunnel (map), a tunnel located on Sepulveda Boulevard just south of the Los Angeles neighborhood of Van Nuys in California's Santa Monica Mountains. Trent also mentions Van Nuys Boulevard as being near the entrance of the cave leading to the tunnel.

Returning to the area, the adventurer travels from Los Angeles International Airport north along the San Diego Freeway, through Sepulveda Pass, and back to Van Nuys.

Fort Scott area

The historic Fort Scott site is situated along the small Marmaton River which winds generally eastward along on the north side of the town of Fort Scott, Kansas. Thogmartins Pond is about a mile-and-a-half northwest of the fort site. Walnut Hill is about 12 miles northwest, and the town of Moundville, Missouri about 15 miles southeast.

Departing, the adventurer leaves from Kansas City International Airport.


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