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The master's splash screen.

Eamon Master JH is an Eamon master created in 1992 by Jeff Hurlburt of Computist magazine which adds a number of display refinements and new features to the Main Hall.


Hurlburt retains all the features of the original master but makes several small display adjustments, including showing a title bar at the top of each screen, improving the presentation of adventurers' statistics, and adding Medieval letters and a colorized Eamon dragon to the splash screen. New features in and around the Main Hall include:

  • Igmo's Lockers, a place where adventurers can purchase storage space for surplus weapons.
  • The Roster of Heroes, a list accessible from the outer chamber that displays all the adventurers currently stored on the master. The roster gives each adventurer's name, basic attributes, and a list of the adventures he or she has completed (along with the number of times they've played it).
  • The Temple of Restoration where deceased adventurers stored on the disk may be resurrected.

The master also tracks an adventurer's level, experience, and number of adventures completed, and displays the information in the "examine your abilities" screen. Matthew Clark writes that it's "not certain if this master 'plays well' with the rest of the Eamon world."


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