Dawn of the Warlock

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Dawn of the Warlock
Eamon adventure #254
Author Wade Clarke
Released March 2009
Revised 19 November 1993
EAG number 254
EDX number 18-14
EDX set Classic Eamon Adventures, Vol. 6
Native format Apple DOS 3.3
File Eamon 254 - Dawn of the Warlock.dsk

Dawn of the Warlock is an Eamon adventure written by Wade Clarke.


A voice comes to you in a dream while you sleep, whispering of a great disaster in the land of Agimen: an undead warlock has laid siege to the city and must be vanquished. The voice tells you the task of destroying the lich is yours, and when you awake you immediately gather your gear and set out for Agimen. On the road you meet another adventurer who had the same dream and together you near the city.

Full introduction

One night in your sleep you are granted (plagued?) with a vision: in your vision a vague hooded figure, wreathed in ethereal vapours, beckons to you from the western kingdom of Agimen: its voice is familiar, yet chilling and distant at once. It whispers:

"Our city has fallen under the influence of an undead warlock — this evil being was returned from the beyond when its remains were unearthed, the seal of its tomb broken during recent excavations... The Lich has infested the city with his foul minions and the buildings lie in ruins. Only the Lich's destruction can end this curse... Now the task is yours. You, and others have been chosen, as the horrors within the city could render those with lesser minds insane! Make of this what you will, with two things in mind — that the Lich's crypt is reputed to contain ancient artifacts of some worth, and that the evil curtain of the Lich is spreading. If unchecked, who knows how long it will be before it strikes you down without warning? The only salvation for all is in the Lich's demise..."

With these last words the figure is lost in the clouds of your dream, leaving you with a dread urgency for action...

The following day sees your hurried departure for Agimen, your belongings hastily thrown together with the sun's cold rise. As you travel down the western roads, the dead silence gives you cause for quiet alarm. There is nobody about in this bleak landscape, and dead birds litter the way. In the afternoon you finally encounter a lone warrior travelling in the same direction. A shared sense of purpose tells you that this person also was a witness to the previous night's dream. Blake and yourself form a quick friendship in sight of your destination.

On the approach you see that a visibly grimy red sky hangs over the city like a pall. Your footsteps are the only sounds as you near the overwhelming and dark structures that form the rotting skeleton of the once great city...


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