The Adventurer's General Store

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The Adventurer's General Store
Eamon adventure #272
Author Ryan Page
Released 2012
EAG number PRO
EDX number 23-04
EDX set The Lost Treasures of Eamon
Native format PC DOS
File Eamon 272 - The Adventurer's General Store.dsk

The Adventurer's General Store is an Eamon Pro adventure written by Ryan Page.


The Adventurer's General Store was the only adventure penned for Page's Eamon Pro system and serves dual purposes. On the one hand, it plays the role of the "Village" in the Graphics Main Hall, in providing players opportunities for a wider selection of weapons. On the other hand, it serves as a Beginners Cave, allowing beginning players a relatively simple introduction to Eamon. (This purpose is abrogated somewhat by virtually invincible enemies at some points during play although only weak characters are permitted to the scene of the adventure.)

The adventure appears to have some unfinished sections. Notably, a six-room forest from which the player cannot escape (populated with an enemy Apache attack helicopter the player cannot realistically defeat) exists with no clear purpose.


The titular General Store is described as a mall set up for with separate shops organized by weapon type. Players are able to use a BUY command to purchase items, presuming the player has sufficient gold. The items range from cheap, Marcos-type weapons at Marcos-type prices to exotic weapons such as an "antimatter ring" priced at 25,000 gold.

Within the sewer system beneath the General Store an organization known as The Official Agents of Destruction, or T.O.A.D., has taken residence. They have built an entire complex beneath the mall, including barracks, control rooms, temples, and a cafe. What precisely motivates T.O.A.D.—apart from a desire for destruction—is left unclear although the adventure outlines a few details: The organization is set up as a military and religious unit, is in the midst of plotting an attack, and its members are all inhuman—dwarves, trolls, etc. The implied "quest" is to uncover the lair and clear out T.O.A.D.'s forces.

The adventure also introduces characters from the Main Hall, such as a salesman and an elf named "Trishna"—the adventurer's weapons trainer at the Main Hall—described as being under T.O.A.D.'s enchantments, which are broken by her recognizing the player.

Full introduction

The Adventurer's General Store is a mall in which adventurers may buy various weapons, from a morning star to an antimatter ring. You may purchase items in the first level by using the buy command. If you do not have enough money you will not be able to purchase the item from the shopkeeper. Shopkeepers are not monsters and cannot be harmed in any way.

In addition, if you are a beginning adventurer (AE≤20) you may adventure in the mall's sewer system that has become the headquarters of a group of monsters known as T.O.A.D. (The Official Agents of Destruction). You must be very careful because TOAD like no one and will attack upon sight.

Furthermore, all weapons dropped or lost while in the mall itself (not outside or under it) become the property of the mall and are bought back (in the normal manner) if you wish to obtain them once more. You are not paid any money for dropping the dropped weapon(s), they are merely confiscated by the mall.

Important! This is not an Eamon adventure! This is an Eamon Pro adventure. Actually, it is the only one known to exist. It can only be used with the Eamon Pro master. If you did not enter this adventure from the Eamon Pro master, then you should quit now.


⚠️ A walkthrough is needed for this adventure.
Adventure map by Frank Black


The Adventurer's General Store is north of the Main Hall. A number of similarities — including the fact that each host odd and idiosyncratic pastoral scenes and that both adventures begin at their respective south entrances — suggest that the General Store may be equated with the other famous shopping mall in Eamon, The Shopping Mall.


  • The familiar "You successfully ride off into the sunset" closing line from Eamon adventures is rehearsed in The Adventurer's General Store but is altered to "You successfully ride off into the ice cream shop" if the player chooses one particular exit (through an ice cream shop).
  • The mechanism of the General Store itself is such that if a player drops a purchased weapon while in the mall proper (not in T.O.A.D.'s underground labyrinth), the management immediately confiscates the weapon without reimbursement. The apparent purpose of this "feature" is that Page opted to recycle items for purchase in the mall by assigning them to monsters beneath it.
  • The shop attendant — described as a monster the player cannot attack — is actually an artifact programmed to follow the adventurer so long as he or she is within the mall.

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