Mean Streets

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This is a Class C (bronze star) article.
Mean Streets
Eamon adventure #192
Author Thomas Tetirick
Released March 1990
Revised 1 February 1990
EAG number 192
EDX number 16-13
EDX set Classic Eamon Adventures, Vol. 4
Native format Apple DOS 3.3
File Eamon 192 - Mean Streets.dsk

Mean Streets is an Eamon adventure written by Thomas Tetirick and released in March 1990.


The game's introduction takes the form of a letter from a mayor who needs your help:

Hail and well met brave adventurer. Welcome to Mean Streets. Your task is a valiant one. It seems that in the last year, a pimp has moved in on our fair city. He has full intention of making it his own. To ensure his wishes he has kidnapped my only daughter "Tina". He intends to turn her into one of his prostitutes.

As mayor of this city I give you full power to rid our city of this vile man (pimp) by any means you see fit. You will be needing help so feel free to visit all the shops and businesses and try to recruit people to aid you in your quest. I warn you though — some people aren't going to very helpful and some may even be directly opposed to your needs.

You're going to need as much charisma as possible to win this one, and who knows — you may come out of this a very rich man/woman. Also it is rumored that a huge thug is hiding out in the subway killing people at any given chance. We would very much appreciate his extermination. Also be on the lookout for thieves, they are know to be lurking when you least expect them.

Our city consists of 10 streets. They are:

  • 5 presidential streets running N/S.
  • 5 numbered streets (1–5) running E/W.

It is a big city so don't get lost and may good luck be with you!

The Mayor


⚠️ A walkthrough is needed for this adventure.
⚠️ A map is needed for this adventure.

Author's notes

Tetirick includes the following note in his introduction:

There are a couple of commands that require a brief explanation. They are:
VERBOSE: Causes the program to give full room descriptions. Due to the large database, this will result in slow program execution.
BRIEF: Causes the program to give partial room descriptions. This will result in much quicker program execution. (Be sure you always "look" when you enter a building).

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