Operation Crab Key

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This is a Class B (silver star) article.
Operation Crab Key
Eamon adventure #71
Operation Crab Key intro.png
Author Joe Vercellone
Released August 1984
Revised 26 August 1984
EAG number 71
EDX number 19-06
EDX set Worst of the Classic Adventures
Native format Apple DOS 3.3

Operation Crab Key is an Eamon adventure written by Joe Vercellone.


The adventure picks up with the adventurer setting off in his or her dingy on the Great Lake Eamon for recreational sailing, when the adventurer's craft is caught in a storm, leaving the player shipwrecked at a "Miami-style" resort. The adventurer must investigate the resort in order to escape and return to the Main Hall.

During play, a number of references to fictional spy James Bond, to whose creator, Ian Fleming, Operation Crab Key is dedicated. Through room and monster descriptions, there is the suggestion of a subplot involving Bond enemy Doctor No operating the resort, hiring evil scientists alongside kitchen staff in pursuit of an ill-defined secret plan.


Operation Crab Key, for a time, had the distinction of being the worst-rated Eamon after Bob Davis awarded it a score of 0. Davis took issue with the copy-and-pasted room descriptions ("You are in a charming double bedroom in modern Miami style...") for the majority of rooms in the map. Frank Black eventually contributed his own review, conceding that Crab Key "is by no means a masterpiece," but offering praise for the writing and use of one-way passages to convey a plot; with Black's score of 5, the average rating of Crab Key was sufficient to no longer be the lowest-rated Eamon.


Crab Key is set on the coast of the Great Lake Eamon. The resort in which it is set can be accessed by boat from the Main Hall.


  • Operation Crab Key is the origin of the not infrequent Eamon room description, "Too normal to bother describing."

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