Journey Across the Muerte Sea

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Journey Across the Muerte Sea
Eamon adventure #269*
Journey Across the Muerte Sea intro.png
EDX set 20
Author John MacArthur

Journey Across the Muerte Sea is an Eamon adventure written by John MacArthur.


Jon MacArthur sketched out the basic plot of Journey Across the Muerte Sea on in June 2004 and sought advice concerning the story and programming. The premise began with the planet Eamon finding itself in a "World War II/Cold War era." Matthew Clark provided feedback to MacArthur and in the release notes to the Eamon Deluxe adventure, Frank Black states that he first received the adventure from MacArthur in the Summer of 2004.

In the aforementioned notes—as well as the review in the February 2005 Eamon Deluxe Newsletter—Frank Black indicates that after a few messages back and forth, MacArthur lost interest in the adventure. Black hence finished the debugging and released the adventure in 2005 and Muerte Sea became the first adventure written specifically for the Eamon Deluxe platform.


The events described in Journey Across the Muerte Sea take place during a World War on Eamon, in which a number of rival nations on the continent of Grancasa are fighting one another over political and ideological differences.


Cosmogony and Geography

Journey Across the Muerte Sea, in addition to providing a very detailed portrait of the geopolitical features of the planet Eamon, also relays a creation myth about the planet. The account suggests that four deities—one representing each of the four elements—created the planet Eamon as a cooperative exercise. Each deity, however, each believed that his or her element was most important, and the four deities fought in the eponymous Muerte Sea, the clash dividing Eamon's single land mass into three, distinct continents.

The three continents were "Grancasa," "Republica," and "Malcarcel," each separated by the Muerte Sea. The former continent is home to the Main Hall and the political intrigue underpinning the adventure is set entirely on Grancasa. MacArthur suggests that inhabitants of each continent have been terrified to traverse the Muerte Sea and implies that there has been no contact between, e.g., Free Adventurers and inhabitants of Republica and Malcarcel since the division of the continents, suggesting that most of the Eamon canon has taken place on the continent of Grancasa.


  • Tom Zuchowski, former head of the Eamon Adventurer's Guild and author of many adventures, makes an appearance in Journey Across the Muerte Sea as "General Zuchowski," a character in charge of mercenary aspects of the Guild, who assigns the mission to the adventurer.

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