Animal Farm

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Animal Farm
Eamon adventure #165
Author Sam Ruby
Released December 1988
Revised 14 January 1994
EAG number 165
EDX number 09-12
EDX set The Sam Ruby Adventures
Native format Apple DOS 3.3
Files Eamon 165 - Animal Farm, Disk 1.dsk
Eamon 165 - Animal Farm, Disk 2.dsk

Animal Farm is an Eamon adventure written by Sam Ruby.


Old MacDonald's farm has been taken over by a band of literal Communist pigs who've renamed it "Animal Farm", taken Old MacDonald hostage, and armed themselves with a variety of heavy weapons. As an elite member of the Special Forces, you've been selected a solo mission to infiltrate the farm, rescue Old MacDonald, and destroy as much of the pigs' weapons and equipment as you can.

Full introduction

3 June, 2000 hrs

"Any change in the situation, Colonel Trautman?"

"Negative, General Andrus. Our allies are waiting before issuing any official statement... but the unofficial word is, they don't want to risk a confrontation."

"Well, then, it's up to us. We have until twenty-one hundred hours to come up with something. The boys at military intelligence say we've got to move by June 6, or else the rebels will have totally consolidated their power."

"And we all know how hard it is to get their kind out once they've dug in."

"Indeed. Options, Colonel?"

"One, we wait and consult with our allies. Pro: share of responsibility, more time to analyze. Con: time is precious, situation could get worse. Allies under no pressure to act."


"Two, small scale invasion. Land paratroopers or Division 1 troops. Pro: less threatening to hostile neighbors, could probably secure the area. Less difficult to organize. Con: hostile neighbors could still react unfavorably. Heavy losses expected, including loss of prisoners."


"Three, full invasion. Pro: 96% chance to success, shorter time to complete. Con: harder to organize, probable loss of prisoners. Certain to provoke response from hostile neighbors."


"Four, final option. Rescue operation to secure prisoners, collect information. Could precede invasion. Pro: if successful, major obstacle of overt action - hostages - removed, allowing reconsideration of options. Con: chance of success limited, rebels could retaliate."

"Hmmm... I guess it's all we can do. Details?"

"My staff says that the more people we send, the lower the already bad chances. They suggest a lone Special Forces Operative."

"Just one, Colonel?"

"They're the best, General. This is the kind of stuff they're trained for."

"Option accepted. Got anyone in mind?"

"As a matter of fact, I do. He's only a lieutenant, but he already holds records in six categories and was picked by the computer as operative most likely to complete the mission."

"A lieutenant, eh? What's his name?"

"[Adventurer's name]"

4 June, 0800 hrs

It was another cold, grey, windy morning. The weather at the fort was always terrible, but that's why they built it there... Fort Bronson: headquarters of the Special Forces.

After morning exercises, you were called to the conference room for a mission briefing. Surprisingly, none of the seven other men in your unit were told to go with you...

At the conference room, you were met by Colonel Gregory Trautman of Operations and Planning, and General Gordon Andrus of the Eastern Command.

"Lieutenant," said Colonel Trautman, "We have very little time, so we'll go straight to the briefing. You have been selected for a high-priority mission that requires Special Forces assistance."

"Why isn't the rest of my unit here?"

"The rest of your unit will not be involved in the mission. This is a solo operation."


"The situation concerns a farm on the East Border, owned by a farmer named McDonald. Old McDonald's farm has been taken over by Communist pigs of the Marxist-Leninist persuasion. They have renamed the farm 'Animal Farm' and have claimed sovereignty. McDonald, a long time ally, is being held hostage, preventing overt action. The neighboring farms are mostly hostile, further limiting options. The pigs presumably received their weapons from Collective Farm, and we believe they possess large quantities of 9mm Beretta M02S's and AK-47's. There is evidence that they may have acquired heavy weapons as well. Furthermore, they have converted the farm's windmill into an anti-aircraft station."

"We have received the following telegram message from the rebels:"




^W-----H   ^     MAP OF ANIMAL FARM
^ VVVV|H  M^
^FVVVV|-   ^
^FF----B S ^
.  |  ^^^^^
.WW|CC.       (-|=ROAD
.  |  .


"The pigs generally use three-pig patrols, each with an officer. They also use pig forces, which have an extra pig. They also use 2-pig patrols, and have pairs of Spetznaz troopers at key sights."

"Since you are familiar with Warsaw Pact weapons you can use any weapons that survive fire-fights, and salvage for ammunition. Ammo that you leave behind or drop will probably be picked up by wandering patrols."

"Mission objective?"

"Primary objective: rescue. You are to free Old McDonald and return to the extraction point. The primary objective is not to be compromised for any reason. If you cannot bring him out alive, abort the mission immediately and return to the extraction point.

"Secondary objectives: the anti-aircraft station at the windmill is capable of controlling the airspace above the entire farm. Disabling the station would be significant.

"You might also search for any records the rebels have. We could use them against their suppliers.

"Furthermore, there is a small resistance movement operating on the outskirts of the farm. We have been trying to make contact with them but have been unable to do so. A final objective is to destroy any other equipment or strongholds. However, the rescue objective is of primary importance."

"Logistics and timing?"

"We move tonight. We cannot drop you in very close. You will spend the next day (5 June) reaching the farm. On 6 June you will penetrate the outer gate and complete the mission. You will return to the area outside the gate and radio us for extraction. Your equipment: an M1911A1 .45 ACP, radio, medi-kit, satchel charge, and map. You should radio us periodically for updates."

"You will need to use all of your experience and knowledge of military tactics. Guerilla warfare tactics will work. Your stealth skills should get you around the farm undetected, but if you get within firing range of the pigs, their senses will probably alert them to you. You will have the advantage of surprise — and first attack."


Adventure map by Sam Ruby

The following tips and walkthroughs were written by Sam Ruby and included in the "Basic Training" program on disk A:

Subject 1: Weapons familiarity

Pistols are easier to use since they have less recoil and are lighter. A pistol can be very accurate over short ranges. Fully automatic (rapid fire) weapons offer a higher rate of fire, but they are harder to control and thus are not as accurate as pistols. They also use up ammunition faster. Ammunition is commonly called "ammo."

Subject 2: Range and close-quarters

Animal Farm is divided into sectors. Everything in a sector is within your effective range; thus, you may be able to see things in another sector, you would not be able to attack anything in it; nor can you be attacked. In close quarters, such as the interiors of buildings, you are using cover to avoid being seen, and thus you must get very close to use your weapons.

Subject 3: Stealth tactics

The golden rule in stealth operations is to take the unobvious route. Roads are to be avoided. They are usually guarded and even if not, there is a great chance of running into a traveling enemy. Stealth fighters have the advantage in close quarters and guerilla warfare; thus, confining operations to hidden, camouflaged, and out-of-the-way areas is desirable. Water can be your best friend, but stay underwater as much as possible to avoid sighting — and patrol boats

Attacking a target from the front is an unwise tactic in most situations. In addition to the threat of being sighted, these places are usually better fortified. Look for back routes into compounds; back doors into buildings. Stay away from guard towers in open areas. Guards can see you coming and have a devastating advantage in accuracy.


stay away from armoured choppers unless you've got heavy weapons. It's OK to get rid of equipment if you are sure you don't need it. You can also bury (drop) equipment and come back for it later, but ammunition can get dirty and will become unusable.

Look for competent allies, and remember that a prime mission of Special Forces operatives is to organize behind-the-lines resistance. Resistance fighters prefer to hide out in forested areas, especially mountains.

Battle plan

The following plan allows you to complete all three major objectives. You only need to free old MacDonald to win, but if you want more challenge or if you're replaying the game, you can try to accomplish more. There are some other things you can do as well, such as freeing animals, but don't take on more than you can handle. The following plan is very basic, and you need not do everything this way or use the weapons spoken of. Except in a few spots, there are a number of routes you can take.

To accomplish one objective

Go east twice from the drop-off point. Go north through the corn field, and turn east once you are in the grazing field. Continue east as far as you can go. Then you will be in the pond. Go underwater, and swim north for two rooms. Then swim east and surface. This will get you into the compound through the back way. Enter the storage building and go east twice, then south. Use a grenade on the pig patrol you find there, then use your M1911A1 pistol to finish off the survivors.

Collect everything you find and salvage. Then drop the 9mm ammunition. Ready one of the AK-47s and reload it. Then go west and fight the guards. Pick up the recoiless rifle and reload it. If you cannot carry it, leave it there. Then leave the building and go north twice, then east into the orchard. Look around and you'll find a back door into the mansion. Go through it and head south. If you're having problems with the Spetznaz, try your M1911A1 — it does better damage. Then go south, up the stairs, and north to the end of the hall. Use a grenade here, then your AK-47. Go west and use another grenade. Then finish off the guards and free old MacDonald. Leave exactly the way you came, and go west from the orchard. If you don't have the recoiless rifle, get it. Then ready it, reload it, and follow the trail. You'll be able to shoot down the chopper with the rifle. Then go east and use the radio.

To blow up the windmill

This time, go west once, then head north. You will meet up with a pig patrol. After defeating them, look around and salvage. You'll get an AK-47 rifle and enough ammo to reload it. Using this weapon, go north until you come to the shack. Enter it and use a grenade. Then pick-off the survivors. Salvage for ammo and look around for usable weapons. You don't need more than one gun, but you can unload others that you find. Drop all your 9mm ammo. Exit the shack, and then go west. Go north, into the forest, and look around for the members of the resistance. They'll help you and they have ammunition. Then go east twice, then north until you have come to the road. Go west and up into the windmill. You should use a grenade on the large force you find there, and don't forget to salvage. Then go up and fight the Spetznaz. When you are done, "use" the satchel charge and it will destroy the anti-aircraft gun. Then leave the windmill, go east once, then south twice, then east three times, then south four times. You will be in the south part of the grazing field. Continue the same way as detailed before.

To accomplish all three objectives

Do everything the same as in the last plan. When you leave the windmill, follow these directions: south, east three times, get the digging tools, east again, then south five times. Go to the compound as you normally would, but before you enter the mansion, go to the house across from the orchard. Upstairs is a message that will tell you where to find some buried documents. Go to that place and get them. Then return to the mansion and carry out the rest ofthe game.

Other objectives

Some other things you may do is free the animals that are being brutalized. There are some cows in the center of the grazing field being watched over by a pig patrol. They are grazing where the grass is tall. In the barn, there are goats, chickens, and a horse that can also be helped. At the mansion, an old lady, Granny, is sitting on the porch under the watchful eye of some pigs.

You should use your radio a lot. If you are playing the long version of the game, you may get some extra help.

That's all, folks.


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