The Pyramid of Cheops

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This is a Class C (bronze star) article.
The Pyramid of Cheops
Eamon adventure #171
Author Robert Parker
Released June 1989
Revised 4 July 1989
EAG number 171
EDX number 11-01
EDX set The Robert Parker Adventures
Native format Apple DOS 3.3
File Eamon 171 - The Pyramid of Cheops.dsk

The Pyramid of Cheops is an Eamon adventure written by Robert Parker.


The game's introduction is brief:

"To speak the name of the dead is to make them live again."
  —inscription on wall in King Tut's tomb

It has been many months since you have left the Guildhall. You have traveled far to reach... the Pyramid of Cheops.


⚠️ A walkthrough is needed for this adventure.
Adventure map by Frank Black

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