The Prism of Shadows

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The Prism of Shadows
Eamon adventure #253
Authors Wade Clarke
James Anderson
Released March 2009
Revised 21 February 1993
EAG number 253
EDX number 18-13
EDX set Classic Eamon Adventures, Vol. 6
Native format Apple DOS 3.3
File Eamon 253 - The Prism of Shadows.dsk

The Prism of Shadows is an Eamon adventure written by Wade Clarke and James Anderson.


From the introduction:

In his search for the greatest warrior in the realm, the powerful archmage Marduz is holding a contest; renowned for your previous exploits in the Free Adventurers' Guild you have been invited as a participant. The object of the contest is to find the mystical Prism of Shadows, stolen by invaders many years ago and subsequently split up and lost in the harsh wilderness to the north of the city.

The prism is made up of four charms — the Dragon, the Skull, the Scholar and the Knight. When these are found, the members of the city magicians' guild will reassemble the prism and the magic properties of each charm will function again. However if an evil warrior were to win the contest, the prism's powers could bring ruin to the land. You must make sure that this does not eventuate!

You now stand in the city square, the contest about to start. Gathered here are scores of adventurers vying for the prism, many of whom you already know. The warriors Phaldor, Rowena and Eligor, the huntress Rowena and the barbarian Tiriel are a lot more famous than yourself. However also present and armoured in black is the bounty hunter Jaakroth. No doubt if he got his hands on the prism all hell would break loose, very literally.

Anyone having assembled the prism at the Magicians' Guild must bring it back here to the city square to be proclaimed the winner by one of the archmage's apprentices, Saleos or Valeforia; Marduz himself has become conspicuous in his absence. The time has come to make your way north to the city gates...


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