Lotto's Masterpiece

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Lotto's Masterpiece
Eamon adventure #203
Lotto's Masterpiece intro.png
Author Henry Haskell
Released September 1990
Revised 13 June 1990
EAG number 203
EDX number 16-18
EDX set Classic Eamon Adventures, Vol. 4
Native format Apple DOS 3.3

Lotto's Masterpiece is an Eamon adventure written by Henry Haskell.


The adventure describes an ancient time in the history of Eamon, in which the rulers maintained a treasure trove of art on the lost island of Ervuol. In the present day, the Burly Irishman—after exhaustive research after the location of Ervuol—has contracted Sam Slicker, described here as "internationally renowned treasure buyer and ripoff artist," to secure a long-lost treasure, a bronze statue of the ancient goddess Etihw Annav. Slicker, in turn, offers the adventurer a portion of his payment from the Irishman if he or she recovers the statue.


The location of the Island of Ervuol is only revealed to the adventurer by Sam Slicker indirectly; apart from lying in the "Sea of Dreams", no further information is given concerning its location.


Tom Zuchowski awarded Lotto a score of 5/10, praising Haskell's use of the Eamon 7.0 features and writing. He also notes that the adventure "get[s] really weird towards the end," with the adversaries facing the player becoming less connected to the story, with Satan and the hunchback of Notre Dame making appearances.

Other Adventures

  • The Eamon Deluxe adventure A Runcible Cargo develops the conceit of "ancient Kings of Eamon" holding court at Ervuol by introducing an entire Ervuolian culture that has died out long before the adventure's events. The Ervuolian dynasty is described as extraordinarily advanced; the means by which the Ervuolian kings secured their power features as a central plot point of Cargo. Cargo also invokes the name of Etihw Annav, described as the ancient Eamon goddess of love in Lotto, during the adventure.


  • "Ervuol" and "Etihw Annav" are "Louvre" and "Vanna White" spelled backwards, respectively.
  • If the player refuses Sam Slicker's offer, the program repeats: "Sam says that Nazi surf punks must die. Only a Nazi surf punk would absolutely refuse. Are you a Nazi surf punk?"

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