Paul Van Bloem

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Paul Van Bloem
Full name Paul Joseph Van Bloem
Notability Adventure author
Location Maryland
Occupation Computer consultant
Born 11 March 1961
Died 14 January 2015

Paul Van Bloem (11 March 1961 – 14 January 2015) was the creator of the graphical adventure game system Super Eamon released in 1985 and was the author of its single published adventure, The Haunted House. Van Bloem founded and operated Little Green Software, a solo venture he began around 1984, initially to publish and sell his Super Eamon software. He continued to operate Little Green Software as a computer consultancy firm for the next thirty years.

Van Bloem was an avid cyclist and reader, enjoyed personal computers and computer gaming, and was an aficionado of railroad-themed board games such as Rail Baron and Empire Builder.

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