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This article is about the game concept. For the series by Green Valley Publishing, see The Adventure.
The Departure (1837) by Thomas Cole.

An adventure is any single interactive story that a player can experience. In the context of Eamon, SwordThrust, and related computer-based adventure games, an adventure normally consists of a single story involving a dedicated set of rooms, monsters, artifacts, and effects for the player to interact with, often with a mission or quest for the player to achieve, and almost always with the goal of accumulating wealth and/or experience for the player's character (called an adventurer).

Most Eamon adventures were originally designed to occupy a single diskette; some span multiple diskettes, but in such cases the diskettes together constitute a single adventure. One exception to this is the pair of Eamon adventures The Search for the Key and The Rescue Mission, which though titled and numbered separately constitute two segments of a single story.

Newsletters sometimes refer to an individual adventure as an "Eamon"; in reviewing Adventure in Interzone, Tom Zuchowski called it "one of the most sophisticated Eamons ever done". Adventures are also sometimes referred to as "dungeons".

In the game

Within the game, adventures occur through a variety of means. Sometimes they're deliberately assigned to the adventurer by the King or other agents (The Caves of Mondamen); sometimes the adventurer seeks them out by journeying into the wilderness or by following rumors, clues, or maps (Temple of the Trolls); sometimes they're the result of wagers or bets (Death Trap); and sometimes they occur inadvertently or by chance (DharmaQuest).

In Dracula's Chateau by Paul Braun, the bored adventurer visits the "Eamon Adventure Service", an office similar to a travel agency, in search of an exciting adventure. In other stories the adventurer finds a mission by reading the daily Eamon paper (The Tomb of Evron, Expedition to the Darkwoods, The Caverns of the Sphinx) or by reading Adventure Monthly magazine (Crystal Mountain). In The Lake, the adventurer gets a mission from "Crazy Larry, a man who specializes in adventure finding."

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