The City of Sorcerers

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The City of Sorcerers
Eamon adventure #219
The City of Sorcerers intro.png
Author Rodger Osgood
Released September 1992
Revised 16 August 1992
EAG number 219
EDX number 17-11
EDX set Classic Eamon Adventures, Vol. 5
Native format Apple DOS 3.3

The City of Sorcerers is an Eamon adventure written by Rodger Osgood.


Though an early Eamon, written in version 4, The City of Sorcerers was included in the Eamon Adventurer's Guild library relatively late. As related in Hard Core Computist issue 89, Jeff Hurlburt (developer of the "Main Hall JH" and "Eamon NUEdit" disks) came across The City of Sorcerers in the archives of the HAAUG (Houston Area Apple Users Group) around 1990. Hurlburt debugged the adventurer (the article is ambiguous as to whether he added enough to be considered a coauthor) and sent it to Tom Zuchowski. In his review, Zuchowski suggests that nothing was known of Rodger Osgood.


The adventure is set in the ancient and deteriorating city of Griswald, described as lying east of the Main Hall.

Eamon Pantheon

The patron deity of the city Griswald is called Baranthu, described as a "very large man-like being" with flashing eyes. Successful completion of the adventure sees Baranthu appearing and granting the player the ability to "enchant" one of his or her weapons.

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