The Eamon Guild of Free Adventurers

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This article is about the unreleased game. For the fictional organization, see Guild of Free Adventurers.

The Eamon Guild of Free Adventurers is the name of an adventure game series planned by Adora Entertainment and based on Donald Brown's Eamon. Announced in July 2003, Adora planned for the game to become its flagship title, but the game was not completed by the time of the company's closure two years later. Control of the project may have passed to Draconis Entertainment, a venture founded by Adora developer Josh de Lioncourt which acquired the rights to most of its parent's software titles., a primary news and reference site for computer games accessible to blind and visually-impaired gamers, has removed Adora's Eamon game along with all other unreleased Adora titles from its accessible games database.


A sample of de Lioncourt's "Eldorado" theme.

In keeping with the company's focus on accessible software for the blind or partially-sighted, Adora described its Eamon adventure game as providing "a rich 3D audio environment", and announced that they were "radically updating, enhancing, and expanding upon the system using 3D audio techniques through a first-person interface." Most of the game's other announced features, including magic, combat, a Main Hall and guild, etc., seemingly paralleled those in the original Eamon. De Lioncourt noted that users would have a large amount of control in the creation of their characters, and that the process would "be done in a similar fashion to traditional pen-and-paper role-playing systems".

In a post to the company's forum, de Lioncourt describes a piece of music he composed entitled "Eldorado" which Adora used as its theme, a fuller arrangement of which was intended to be the theme for The Eamon Guild of Free Adventurers.

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