The Magic Kingdom

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This article is about the adventure. For the kingdom itself, see Magic Kingdom.
The Magic Kingdom
Eamon adventure #10
Author David Cook
Released 1980
Revised 21 June 1985
EAG number 10
EDX number 13-01
EDX set Classic Eamon Adventures, Vol. 1
Native format Apple DOS 3.3
File Eamon 10 - The Magic Kingdom.dsk

The Magic Kingdom is an Eamon adventure probably released around 1980 and the only one authored by David Cook. The story is known for its graphical introduction and for being a relatively simple, easy adventure representative of the early Eamon style.


The game opens with the following introduction in graphical Old English lettering:

Recently a local evil sorcerer was spying on you through his crystal ball. He overheard you talking about him and, having a short temper like most evil sorcerers, he instantly sent you to the Magic Kingdom thinking you would never return.

You find yourself at an intersection of trails in the Magic Kingdom State Park and must find a way to return home.


Adventure map by Frank Black

This adventure includes no hidden chambers and has fairly easy monsters, so any adventurer of at least average competence should be able to move through it confidently. Beginning from the four-way intersection:

  1. First take the west path:
    1. Meet the friendly Alfred and drink the cup of coffee (which will raise your attributes by one point).
    2. Meet the dock guard who will bar your access to the boats.
    3. Return to the park intersection.
  2. Next take the east path:
    1. The trail soon ends in the Reptile Clearing where you may kill a lizard and collect a small bag of jewels.
    2. Return to the park intersection.
  3. Next take the south path:
    1. At the intersection, take the west path to fight a cesspool monster, and the east to fight an orc who carries a magical ebony crossbow.
    2. Return to the park intersection.
  4. Finally explore the north path:
    1. Defeat the kobold and bugbear.
    2. Pass through the clearing where a boulder blocks the entrance to a mine.
    3. Keep going north until you reach a canyon intersection, north and east.
    4. Take the north path to find a dead-end; dispatch the four snakes and collect the valuable turquoise.
    5. Take the east path and follow it as it bends north. An crack east leads to a cliff-side nest where you can fight an eagle and collect a golden egg.
    6. At the end of the path you'll reach a cliff where stands a friendly semi-giant. Get the bag of diamonds.
    7. Descend the cliff, enter the castle, and meet the King of the Magic Kingdom. Sad at the loss of his missing daughter Julene, he asks you to find her and return her (dead or alive) to the castle. The royal pass he hands you will let you pass anyone who tries to stop you.
    8. Return to the intersection.
  5. Go west again and this time the boat guard will let you pass.
    1. Sail south to the middle dock and exit west.
    2. Enter the shack, read the inscription ("A word to the wise: always examine your food before you eat it"), and grab the dynamite.
    3. Return to the river and continue south, fighting the giant squid along the way.
    4. At the south dock, exit east and follow the magical, misty trail to be transported back to the park.
  6. Go north to the clearing and use the dynamite to destroy the boulder and open the mine.
  7. Entering the mine you'll find short tunnels leading in all four directions:
    1. West is a small chamber where a baseball player is practicing his batting.
    2. North is the purple room containing a purple people-eater and a purple gem.
    3. East is the chocolate room. The doughnut there looks delicious but the message in the frosting warns, "Poisons dragons among other things."
    4. South is a chamber inhabited by a nine-foot-tall, fire-breathing dragon — and the king's daughter! Kill the dragon by giving it the poison doughnut and free the princess.
  8. Exit the mines and return to the castle. The king, overjoyed to see his daughter again, pays you a reward of 1,000 gold pieces for Julene's return and teleports you back to the Main Hall.
"You see one of the most beautiful sights in the world of Eamon, the Waterfall of the Magic Kingdom... a beautiful 1,000-foot drop that flows out of the ice-capped mountains..." (DALL-E 2)


Eamon Deluxe creator Frank Black calls Magic Kingdom "a relaxing little dungeon", too simple for his tastes but nevertheless enjoyable to play and well suited to young Eamonauts. He found the monsters fun and creative and said it was "worth checking out."


Since the adventurer is magically transported to and from the Magic Kingdom, its location relative to Evenhold is unknown. Most of the kingdom is on a high plateau where the adventure takes place, encompassing ice-capped mountains and the stunning Waterfall of the Magic Kingdom which drops 1,000 feet to the plains below.


  • Cook describes the small dragon as being "just like the one in the mural in the Eamon Main Hall," possibly a reference to the dragon artwork in Eamon's splash screen. The dragon is orange, nine feet tall, and can breathe fire.
  • The freed Princess Julene says she's "been waiting five years to see my favorite soap operas."
  • Graffiti on one of the river's retaining walls reads, "For a good time, call 279-8861."
  • In The Tower of Eamon, Frank Black references the doughnut in the Chocolate Room by including a doughnut dropped by someone "who had just returned from pillaging The Magic Kingdom".

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