Realm of Fantasy

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Realm of Fantasy
Eamon adventure #270*
Realm of Fantasy intro.png
Author Jared Davis
Released November 2006
EDX number 21

Realm of Fantasy is an Eamon adventure written by Jared Davis.


Realm of Fantasy—the second adventure designed specifically for Eamon Deluxe—was written by Jared Davis and submitted to the EAG in 2006. At this point, Frank Black had suspended support for Eamon Deluxe and—apart from an announcement on the EAG blog—the adventure languished, unreviewed, for six years. Upon Black's renewed interest in supporting Eamon Deluxe in 2012, Realm of Fantasy was given a large overhaul, with a number of enhancements made and features added.

The game itself draws on a diverse range of sources, including material and characters from "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland," "The Wizard of Oz," "The Princess Bride," and "Super Mario Brothers."


Joslyn, a new member of the Guild of Free Adventurers has taken note of the player's adventuring talent and requests that he or she assist him in finding a long-lost friend outside of the Main Hall. The friend, Oscar, fell down a hole in the ground years before and the player is sent down the hole in search of Oscar. Lying beneath Eamon is an entire subterranean realm, which must be explored to complete the task of finding Oscar.

In reviews

Matthew Clark, the Webmaster of the Eamon online site was apparently initially not a fan of the adventure when it was first created in 2006. When however the adventure was updated in 2012, Luke Hewitt, initially awarded it a score of 4 in his review, praising it's surreal humour and craziness, but slightly dissatisfied with the game's lack of descriptions and the huge number of companions, as well as the fact that several peaces of special programming such as the shop apparently didn't work. When however Frank Black revised the program, hewitt updated his wrating to reflect the changes, and the composite review which hewitt and Black wrote of the game gives an over all wrating of 5.5.


  • Realm of Fantasy was the first Eamon Deluxe adventure to become publicly available in 2012, although the main package containing several more adventure sets had been available to beta testers previously, a stand alone package containing Realm of Fantasy was initially released by Black to the public.
  • After Black's changes to the program in 2012, Realm of Fantasy is one of the few Eamon titles to use coloured text as a part of it's atmosphere, emphasizing descriptions of places such as the Emerald city by printing text in corresponding colours. A similar technique as that used in the crytically acclaimed 2004 Zcode interactive fiction "photopia" by Adam Cadre.
  • The son of L. Frank Baum (the author of "The Wizard of Oz"), who wrote a handful of pieces of "Oz" literature himself, had the middle name "Joslyn."
  • When the player encounters Dorothy and Toto, Dorothy is wearing the silver shoes described in the novel "The Wizard of Oz" rather than the ruby slippers from the 1939 MGM film version. References to the Oz books don't stop with Wonderful Wizard, and include characters such as Timp from "return to Oz" who the player finds turned into a statue by the witch Momby, a fate he narrowly avoids in the novel.
  • The game includes a shop which sells among several other items a book described as "Outsiders from Oz by Jared Davis" a novel which the author of Realm of Fantasy has published which can be obtained from, and which Frank Black himself reviewed on eamon online blog in 2012, describe it as a light hearted fantasy.
  • Almost all the descriptions and appearances of the Super mario brothers characters are taken from the original "Super Mario brothers" published by Nintendo for the Nintendo Etertainment System in 1985. The soul exception is Toad, who, though he appeared in the original game to inform Mario that the princess was in another castle, the character did not recieve the name Toad until the 1987 release of "super Mario Brothers 2" where Toad was a playable character along with mario, his brother Luiji and Princess Peach, much as they all appear in Realm of Fantasy.

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