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Derek Jeter
Derek Jeter.png
Full name Derek C. Jeter
Notability Adventure author
System developer
Location Boston, Massachusetts
Occupation Software engineer
Born 1975

Derek Jeter is the author of the Eamon adventures Stronghold of Kahr-Dur and The Treachery of Zorag. He also developed the EamonWeb game system, the Eamon Deluxe Adventure Database Editor for Windows PCs, and the Eamon Adventure Browser.


In correspondence with Huw Williams in 2020, Jeter recalls first encountering Eamon when he was in the fifth grade: "My parents got me an Apple IIe computer and I copied some public domain discs from my school, one of which contained Eamon... I recall staying up late trying to play through the various adventures!" Jeter learned Applesoft BASIC and wrote some custom adventures for the system which are now lost to time.

The release of Frank Black's Eamon Deluxe inspired Jeter to return to the game:

His platform was a lot of fun and I wanted to contribute as well as re-live my fun experiences with Eamon. I found adventure authoring to be tremendous fun! I also wanted to see how far I could push the constraints of the environment to expand on the simplistic adventures of the past.

Jeter plans to write more adventures and says he'll probably build them in the Eamon Remastered system.

In adventures

In Frank Black's brief placeholder adventure The Waiting Room, the Eamon Deluxe Wall of Fame features a plaque carved from rare magic wormwood that was awarded to Jeter for being the "first person to discover how to access the hidden super user features!"

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