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Mark Peterson
Full name Mark Peterson
Notability Developer

Mark Peterson is a software developer who joined Minneapolis-based Green Valley Publishing in 1985 and worked to develop low-cost games for the company. One such game developed by Green Valley around that time was The Adventure, a commercial variant of Donald Brown's Eamon.

Green Valley never credited the developer(s) who created The Adventure and its authorship remains uncertain, but blogger Chester Bolingbroke in his review of Peterson's Elfhelm's Bane speculates that Peterson is likely the developer who adapted The Adventure based on various small clues, including the presence of the unexplained phrase "Gumby hath no mercy" in both.

Other projects by Peterson include the Apple II game The Realm of Angbar: Elfhelm's Bane (1986) and BBS-based games including Swords of Chaos and Lords of Cyberspace.

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