Castle Mantru

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Castle Mantru
Eamon adventure #86
Author Steve Costanzo
Released January 1985
Revised 5 June 1987
EAG number 86
EDX number 15-01
EDX set Classic Eamon Adventures, Vol. 3
Native format Apple DOS 3.3
File Eamon 86 - Castle Mantru.dsk

Castle Mantru is an Eamon adventure written by Steve Costanzo.


From the introduction:

As you leave the Main Hall King Stevron who is the king of Century calls you. He tells you that he heard you are a great adventurer with much experience. Therefore he said you are the only one for my task.

I wish for you to go to Castle Mantru where the evil wizard called Crimson has hidden the magical Amulet of Wizdom which he stole from me one week ago. I have waited this long because I could not find anyone to do this task for me.

If Crimson has the amulet in his hands for to long he will be able to use its powers to control the world.

It is rumored that the amulet is also where you will find Crimson deep in his castle. It is also rumored that Crimson has many deadly monsters and traps to stop anyone that tries to get back the Amulet of Wizdom.

King Stevron then says he will reward you well if the amulet is brought back and is not damaged. King Stevron also says the evil wizard Crimson has some special weapons and if found they are yours. You will probably have to kill Crimson to get out safe.

King Stevron then calls his wizard who is standing behind him and he cast a spell and you suddenly feel yourself flying through the air and then land.


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