The Land of the Midnight Sun

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The Land of the Midnight Sun
Eamon adventure
Author Paul Stadfeld
Created c. 1993
Native format Pascal

The Land of the Midnight Sun is a lost adventure created by Paul Stadfeld (aka "Mensanator") for his Turbo Pascal port of the Eamon game system. Thomas Ferguson discovered a reference to the adventure online at Stadfeld's website and contacted him for more information, which he shared in a September 2012 post to the EAG blog.

Ferguson relayed the following recollections from Stadfeld of the adventure:

The adventurer starts aboard a ship frozen in ice in the arctic. In that game, I added a COLD function that would accumulate points each turn based on the weather (it was much colder climbing the glacier than walking through the forest). The adventurer had to accumulate burnable objects like twigs and pine cones to keep warm, otherwise, he would freeze to death. Assuming he found the flint and tinder before leaving the ship, he [this didn't come through in the email]... Your quest was to find a magic firestone to free the ship from the ice. If you found it, you could magically burn any object such as weapons or treasure (which you might have to do when lost in a field of snow while snowblind).

I also wanted to develop projectile weapons skills, so not only did I place a crossbow in the ship for him to find, but a novel way to use it. He encounters a monster in a cage. If you swipe at it with a sword or club, the blow simply bounces off the cage bars. The monster also has a crossbow and you quickly learn that a crossbow can shoot between the bars (of course, the Blast spell would work in a pinch).

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