Quest for the Fire Dragon

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Quest for the Fire Dragon
Eamon adventure #248
Author John Nelson
Created 1983
Released February 2004
Revised 17 December 2003
EAG number 248
EDX number 04-20
EDX set The John Nelson Adventures
Native format Apple ProDOS
File Eamon 248 - Quest for the Fire Dragon (ProDOS).dsk

Quest for the Fire Dragon is an adventure written by John Nelson in 1983 for his Knight Quest system and later adapted by Frank Black for use with the standard Eamon game system.


Tom Zuchowski writes in the club newsletter that this adventure was never completed by Nelson, and that Black extrapolated what he could from Nelson's database and completed it himself. Black notes that his additions include the adventure's introduction, quest, and puzzles.


A nearby village has been burned to the ground and most of its residents killed by what the survivors say is as a fire dragon. Hokas Tokas determines the beast's general whereabouts and a band of adventurers sets off to slay it, but before you can join them a stranger stops you and explains that the dragon is innocent, and implores you to find the real culprit. Trusting the stranger, you get the local sheriff to hold off the dragon hunters for 24 hours while you investigate.

Full introduction

About a week ago a nearby village was terrorized in the night. Survivors from the village claimed that a giant monster appeared snorting flames, and burnt the entire village to the ground, killing most of the inhabitants as well.

As the description of the monster was given it became clear that it could only have been a fire dragon, a species long thought extinct. Hokas Tokas, the Main Hall's resident wizard, used a spell to locate the general area of the last known fire dragon and all the brave free adventurers who were around set out to find and slay this creature.

Shortly after these fine warriors cleared out, you returned from an adventure. As soon as you heard of this, you began packing your weapons to set out as well. But as you were leaving a hooded stranger approached you and implored you to hear him out.

As you sat at the bar with the stranger, he explained that he knew that the last fire dragon was a very kind creature and that it would never have done such a terrible deed. He said he feared for the life of this fire dragon, a dear friend to him, and implored you to find the real villain.

Something made you believe the stranger and you used your reputation to convince the local sheriff to stop all dragon hunters from entering the area for 24 hours while you search for any possible answers as to who or what could have been behind the destruction of the village.

Not only do you have to contend with the dragon hunters that had already entered the area before you spoke with the sheriff, but he also made clear that you had better find some hard, concrete evidence that the fire dragon is innocent. Good luck.

I had to create the entire intro, quest, and puzzles for this one from John's database as this adventure was never finished. I think I did okay, seeing a how I had very little to go on. —Frank


⚠️ A walkthrough is needed for this adventure.
Adventure map by Frank Black

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