The Pirate's Cave

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The Pirate's Cave
Eamon adventure #216
The Pirate's Cave intro.png
Author Margaret Anderson
Released March 1992
Revised 6 January 1992
EAG number 216
EDX number 15-20
EDX set Classic Eamon Adventures, Vol. 3
Native format Apple DOS 3.3

The Pirate's Cave is an Eamon adventure written by Margaret Anderson.


Like Treasure Island, Anderson wrote this adventure for the enjoyment of her eight-year-old nephew and geared the descriptions and puzzles to players of that age. Its release was announced in the March 1992 issue of the Eamon Adventurer's Guild Newsletter.


From the introduction:

Dirty Dick is the meanest pirate there ever was. He and his crew have kidnapped Prince Charlie.

Dirty Dick and his crew left their ship at the pirate cave and went to town. You think it is a good time to check the cave and see if you can find Prince Charlie. There are also a lot of treasures in the cave. Good luck.


You begin on a beach on the southern shore of the island, with the loyal dog Toby as your companion. To the west is your way back to the Main Hall by boat; to the north a cave, and to the south a pier where the pirates' ship is docked.

  1. First go south and board the ship.
  2. Climb to the crow's nest and collect the rusty key.
  3. Descend into the hold, OPEN the chest, and find Dirty Dick's pistol.
  4. Return to the beach and go north into the cave entrance where you'll find exits leading east, west, and north.



  • The Queen's diamond necklace, held in the pirates' treasure room, is mentioned in Black Mountain and is one of the lost items she offers a reward for. In Redemption the Queen is said to be upset at the loss of the necklace.

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