Richard Skeie

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Richard Skeie
Full name Richard A. Skeie
Notability Computer Emporium founder
CE Software founder

Richard Skeie (pronounced "skee") is the founder of the Computer Emporium, a retail computer store in Des Moines where Eamon creator Donald Brown worked and first distributed his game. Skeie, a native Iowan, worked as a computer programmer in California in the 1970s but noticing the trend of computer stores popping up decided to return to Iowa to found one of his own. He started the Emporium in early 1978, then began CE Software in early 1981 as the business's programming arm, releasing commercial Eamon successor SwordThrust before moving on to business-oriented software. In 1985 Skeie sold the Emporium and with partners Donald Brown and Richard Kirk incorporated CE Software.


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