The Zyphur Riverventure

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The Zyphur Riverventure
Eamon adventure #4
The Zyphur Riverventure intro.png
EAG number 4
EDX set 03
Author Jim Jacobson
Published 1980

The Zyphur Riverventure is an Eamon adventure written by Jim Jacobson.


The Zyphur Riverventure is Jim Jacobson's second adventure, following The Cave of the Mind. Unlike the previous adventure, it is credited to Jim Jacobson alone, and not to Red Varnum. It is notable for being the first Eamon adventure to feature extensive exploration of wilderness environments rather than being set entirely within underground caves, although about a third of the adventure still takes place underground.


Professor Axom, a famous scientist, has been kidnapped by a notorious enemy known as the Black Warrior who lives in a secret base along the dangerous Zyphur River. You are tasked with his rescue, and promised a reward by the SPOS, the Society for the Protection Of Scientists.

You must take a boat to explore the reaches of the Zyphur River, disembarking occasionally to search the banks and some surrounding caverns, attempting to find the secret hideout of the Black Warrior and the missing professor, whilst contending with the Warrior's minions, the dangerous local wildlife and the treacherous river currents.


Tom Zuchowski gave the adventure a rating of 5, and praised its content (particularly for an early Eamon) such as the unique boat travel, though he disliked the necessity to have to reenter the boat each time to avoid drowning. He stated that while it's content may feel low in comparison to more advanced Eamon adventures, it was still a relaxing play.

Luke Hewitt very much enjoyed the Eamon Deluxe version, particularly the unique map, the sense of objective and the appearance of the Black Warrior himself. Though he disliked some of the encounters with wildlife that he felt served less purpose, he still awarded the adventure a score of 7-10.

In Other Adventures

  • The shrine to the wizard Trezore seen in this adventure marks the first appearance of the Wizard whose help is sought in Jim Jacobson's later adventure.
  • The mechanics used for riding the boat on the Zyphur River with one-way passages denoting flows of current, and no mention of the boat in room descriptions, started something of a tradition in Eamon adventures that many authors would revisit, such as Jim Jacobson in The Quest for Trezore. It is also gently parodied by Thomas Ferguson in A Runcible Cargo along with other Eamon standbys.
  • The Zyphur River itself also appears in several other adventures, and has been stated to lie south of the Main Hall.
  • In the Eamon Deluxe version of the adventure, various characters such as Prisoner 13 and The Gold Warrior will appear in further adventures in The Jim Jacobson Adventures Deluxe if they left with you as friends. You also get to face the Black Warrior again in Hades during The Devil's Tomb.
  • The Eamon Deluxe conversion of Quest for Trezore also sees the return of the EDX-only character Dr. Benway, as well as the appearance of the mysterious adventurer Edgar.


  • The command "drink" was added as a special to the original version of the adventure, but would become a staple of the Eamon system in later versions of the Main Program.
  • In an early draft of the Eamon Deluxe conversion, the Black Warrior was mistakenly called the Black Knight in the introduction sequence. The Eamon Deluxe version also exclusively states that the Black Warrior has captured Professor Axom (and several other scientists), in order that they build him a superweapon to attack the guild. Accordingly, you find not just Prof. Axom but also the Professor from the American TV program Gilligan's Island, and Doctor Benway of Interzone working in the Black Warrior's lab.
  • The EDX-only character Dr. Benway is also a principle character of both William S. Burroughs' surrealist novel Naked Lunch and of Frank Black's own Adventure in Interzone.
  • A version of Zyphur Riverventure entitled River Adventure was released by Load'N'Go! Software for its commercial Adventurer Series.

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