Anatomy of the Body

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Anatomy of the Body
Eamon adventure #175
Author Robert Parker
Released June 1989
Revised 4 July 1989
EAG number 175
EDX number 11-04
EDX set The Robert Parker Adventures
Native format Apple DOS 3.3
File Eamon 175 - Anatomy of the Body.dsk

Anatomy of the Body is an Eamon adventure written by Robert Parker.


The game's introduction consists of two messages, the first to the adventurer describing the mission, the second to the player sharing some notes from Parker (aka "Dirtie Trix") about the adventure itself:

...Welcome into the human body. You bravely "volunteered" to enter a human patient and destroy cancerous growths, tumors, and bacterial growths. To aid you are white blood cells, already in each of us, and a "zap gun".

For your troubles you will be paid 1000 gold pieces. Also, you get to keep the zap gun.

Thank you.

Dr. Sickman Fraud


Greetings. I am Dirtie Trix, the creator of this game. I have, in this particular game, kept the design rather simple (human anatomy is not my strong point!). In keeping with my stylish sense of humor, I have placed randomness into this game. Hey! You might encounter everything in the groin or the hand or somewhere.

I hope you enjoy this game, and many more that I have turned out.

Thank you.

Dirtie Trix


The only goal of the adventure is to explore the human body and destroy anything threatening. The threats take the form of 12 cancer cells, 14 bacteria, and 19 tumors, plus a pair of forceps accidentally left during an earlier operation. These are all randomly distributed around the body along with 30 friendly white blood cells, so on average every location in the body will have one or two occupants to encounter.

From the starting point in the patient's left arm, an efficient path is to first explore down to the hand, then up to the shoulder; cross over to the right shoulder and explore the right arm down to the hand and back; then progress down the body, clearing the heart, lungs, stomach, pelvic area, and groin. From the pelvis, explore the left and right sides of the lower body, going first up to the kidney, then all the way down the leg to the foot, and back. Move back up the body, up the neck, and through the head and brain, then finally exit out of the patient through the needle at the top of the head.


  • Parker's Bookworm 3-D includes a section where the adventurer explores the inside of a whale. The Eamon Deluxe version includes a humorous aside that references his earlier adventure: "If Robert wasn't dead, you'd kill him for making Anatomy of a Whale."


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