The Prince's Tavern

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The Prince's Tavern
Eamon adventure #78
The Prince's Tavern intro.png
EAG number 78
EDX set 12
Author Bob Davis

The Prince's Tavern is an Eamon adventure written by Bob Davis.


While traveling in another kingdom, the adventurer is captured by King Radaar and sent to the Prince's Tavern in search of a rare bottle of 600-year-old Scotch.

The tavern is a notorious den of strange alcohol, strange people, and even stranger magic. The adventurer must find his or her way through the mayhem, with the help of an old friend from the Main Hall.

This adventure is notable for its many creative special effects, including a drinking contest and numerous whimsical, creative, and dangerous traps. A couple new spells add to the plot, including a LOCATE spell that helps you find items and people, once you manage to learn it. The storytelling is vivid and interesting throughout.

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