The Pixy Oak

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This is a Class C (bronze star) article.
The Pixy Oak
Eamon adventure #251
Author Bruce Haylock
Released May 2005
Revised 2 August 2005
EAG number 251
EDX number 18-11
EDX set Classic Eamon Adventures, Vol. 6
Native format Apple ProDOS
File Eamon 251 - The Pixy Oak (ProDOS).dsk

The Pixy Oak is an Eamon adventure written by Bruce Haylock.


From the introduction:

As you sit in the Adventurer's Lounge at the Main Hall, a small Blue Pixy flies over to ask for your help. It tells you a sad tale of a Barony's downfall.

"The Valley of Cold Iron was once a peaceful and prosperous Barony under the Honorable Baron Randal, but then the evil Baron Kellum attacked the Barony with a band of mercenaries. The Mercenaries, acting on orders from Baron Kellum and coordinated by an experienced Mercenary Captain, killed Baron Randal and many of his followers, and tried to take the Valley of Cold Iron for their own. They could not, however, win the cooperation of the Elven Queen by force, nor could any amount of violence directed against the workers of the Valley cause the old Cold Iron Mine to produce its famous anti-magic ore.

"Now all those who live in the Valley, and the Elven Queen in particular are poor and hungry and in great need of a Hero to rescue them from the evil Baron Kellum. The Hero who destroys the evil Baron, saves the starving Elven Queen, and restores the Heir of Randal (rumored to be imprisoned in a cell beneath the Castle) must have many qualifications. The Hero must be strong and brave (of course) and know at least a little magic. He must be kind to the poor and willing to listen to them, respectful of the Elves, and must also be able to swim."

After looking you over for a few minutes, the Pixy announces that you will do very well, and you head off down the road to the Valley of Cold Iron.


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