The Dark Brotherhood

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The Dark Brotherhood
Eamon adventure #147
Author Pat Hurst
Released October 1987
Revised 28 November 1989 (DOS)
27 May 1991 (ProDOS)
EAG number 147
EDX number 06-04
EDX set The Pat Hurst Adventures
Native format Apple DOS 3.3
Files Eamon 147 - The Dark Brotherhood, Disk 1.dsk
Eamon 147 - The Dark Brotherhood, Disk 2.dsk
Eamon 147 - The Dark Brotherhood (ProDOS).dsk

The Dark Brotherhood is an Eamon adventure written by Pat Hurst.


In correspondence with Huw Williams in 2022, Hurst said he focused on embedded artifacts when crafting the adventure: "My favorite was the plank puzzle," he recalled. "First, you had to find it. Second, you had to see beyond its use as a weapon. Finally, you had to realize that it must be dropped to use it as a bridge to the rest of the adventure."

The Dark Brotherhood is the last of Hurst's four published adventures.


Terrible earthquakes have been shaking Evenhold, toppling buildings, cracking the ground, and releasing the dead from their graves to attack the living. The town elders have worked diligently to understand the events, and after much study the high priest emerges from the temple to announce the cause: Phrax, the god of the underworld, has lost his legendary shroud and will continue to unleash his anger on Eamon until someone can find it and return it to him. As the priest concludes, the crowd begins to panic as an army of the dead approaches from the east.

Full introduction

For some time Evenhold has been wracked by strong tremors. Much of the town is in shambles and the ground itself has split apart in many places. This would be bad enough but worse has followed.

In places the giant cracks have crossed burial gardens, releasing the dead from their eternal sleep. These animated dead attack all living things as though they are driven by some singleness of purpose unfathomable to human intellect. Since they are already dead, they resist the attempts of the populace to repel them.

The Elders of Evenhold have spent the last week in plotting the stars, reading runes, consulting oracles, and examining animal entrails. The result of these endeavors is to be announced today.

A beaten and weary throng has formed in the main plaza facing the massive Temple of Alaxar, the Sun God. A hush enfolds the masses clinging forlornly to their dying hopes. The still within the plaza is so complete that the sound of combat can be heard dimly from the direction of the Phracian Fields, a burial garden at least half a league east of the plaza.

The down-turned heads fail to note the gaunt form of Pindar Rambis, High Priest of Alaxar, standing at the balustrade, but the resonant thunder of his voice jerks them to rapt attention:

"Mighty Phrax, God of the Underworld, Shepherd of the Flocks of the Dead, is angered. Some Evil of this Plane seeks to usurp His power. This Evil must be sought out and destroyed before the Wrath of Phrax engulfs us all. He has loosed the Dead Legions to kill indiscriminately until He has regained what is His — the Reservoir of His Power and the Bulwark of His Strength — the legendary Shroud of Phrax!"

"Time is of the essence as the Dead Legions will not wait. The longer we delay in finding and returning the Shroud, the greater will be the carnage. The other gods will not interfere to save us against one of their own. We must save ourselves!"

Rambis turns painfully and shuffles slowly into the temple while the crowd begins to disperse. Before the plaza clears, another mighty tremor rocks the city followed by the sound of collapsing buildings all over town. The Vintners' Guild at the Esplanade corner topples over and buries scores of people.

In the midst of this pandemonium, a cry rises above all, "The Dead Legions! The Dead Legions are coming!" The confusion in the plaza turns into panic as people stream in all directions — except east, the direction of the Phracian Fields — to escape a terrible fate at the hands of the armies of the Dead. You are left alone to your fate.


EAG president Tom Zuchowski wrote a walkthrough for The Dark Brotherhood that was published in the September 1996 issue of the Eamon Adventurer's Guild Newsletter. He gives some general hints at the beginning for those who want to solve the adventure without the walkthrough, then goes through step-by-step instructions for what he considers the most trouble-free route to recovering the shroud and returning it to Phrax.

⚠️ A map is needed for this adventure.

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