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The dragon from the original Eamon splash screen.

The Eamon dragon is an iconic image of a winged, standing dragon that appears in the splash screen of the original Eamon text adventure and many of the game's variants. It is the only graphical element present in the programs on the original master disk and is frequently used as the logo for the Eamon series.


Eamon creator Donald Brown notes in the player's manual that the dragon is the work of "the talented people of Ann Arbor, Michigan," and in remarks in the Main Program attributes the artwork more specifically to "R. L. Phillips & friends of Ann Arbor." Huw Williams suggests that R. L. Phillips is likely Richard L. Phillips, an engineering instructor at the University of Michigan who was active in the field of computer graphics in the late '70s and early '80s. The exact circumstances of the dragon's creation and how it came to Brown remain uncertain.

Robert Clardy used a slightly altered version of the dragon for the splash screen of Synergistic Software's 1980 adventure game Odyssey: The Compleat Apventure. Clardy recalls that the artwork came to him from friend Ron Aldrich, but was uncertain how Adrich obtained the original line drawing; Clardy himself modified and colorized the drawing.

John Nelson confirms in comments at blogspot that the dragon was part of Eamon from its beginning in 1979. Matthew Clark suggests that Odyssey likely copied the drawing from the public-domain Eamon rather than vice versa; the author of the CPRG Addict blog suggests that the drawing both games used may have begun on a public forum.

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