The Mountain of the Master

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The Mountain of the Master
Eamon adventure #172
Author Michael Dalton
Released June 1989
Revised 16 May 1989
EAG number 172
EDX number 16-10
EDX set Classic Eamon Adventures, Vol. 4
Native format Apple DOS 3.3
File Eamon 172 - The Mountain of the Master.dsk

The Mountain of the Master is an Eamon adventure written by Michael Dalton. The only adventure written by Dalton, it was announced in the June 1989 EAG Newsletter. The adventurer is notable for the inclusion of an introduction screen with hi-res graphics and music.


The adventure begins with the adventurer being approached by an emissary from a foreign land, who informs the adventurer that they are in that kingdom's line of succession. In virtue of this fact, the adventurer is asked to travel and eliminate a warlord known as the "Master." The introduction text reads:

One day, after returning to the Main Hall from adventuring and ordering a Volcanic Xorn, you turn around and see a strange man dressed all in black.

He bows low and says "Your Lordship [or Ladyship, respectively], I come from the land of the Sister Mountains and I bear the startling news that you are the sixteenth in line for our throne."

He continues, "However, all heirs to our throne must perform a deed to prove their worthiness. The deed selected for you is to rid the countryside of a horrid warlord who calls himself "Master". He is said to live in a mountain not far from our villages. You journey at dawn." He then describes to you the location of the mountain.

You find the mountain, and when you reach it you see a spiral staircase into the side of the mountain. You climb up, but when you reach the top, the staircase disappears, which means no way out!

The adventure is generally combat-centric, with a fellow Free Adventurer named "Drocles" assisting the player in the fighting, although there are some magic words described that provide additional puzzles necessary to leave the mountain. After fighting through the monstrous servants of the eponymous Master (comprising e.g. ogres, imps, and goblins), the adventurer faces the Master, who is revealed to be an enormous dragon.

The introductory musical passage:


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The adventure occurs in a complex within the eponymous mountain, which lies within a mountain range called the "Sister Mountains"; the adventurer begins the adventure approaching the mountains from the south, weakly suggesting that this range lies north of the Main Hall.


Robert Parker reviewed The Mountain of the Master and rated it 5.5/10. Parker noted that despite the adventure's warning that it is "only for powerful characters," combat was not overwhelmingly challenging. While Parker criticized the fact that few of the dungeon's rooms are contentful (the majority being mere connections between rooms), he also regarded at least of of the adventure's puzzles to be sufficiently intriguing to keep the rating above average.


  • In his review of the adventure, Robert Parker identified The Mountain of the Master as the first Eamon adventure he'd ever played, ensuring that it had "a soft spot" in his heart.
  • In the program notes, Dalton credits the hi-res font used ("Old English.F") to David Cook, who used it in The Magic Kingdom.
  • The Volcanic Xorn mentioned in the adventure introduction may be another drink served at the Main Hall, like the Double Dragon Blomb favored by Hokas Tokas.

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