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"Eamonaut of the Month" was an honor occasionally awarded by Tom Zuchowski to an Eamonaut who'd made a particularly noteworthy contribution to the game or the community. Zuchowski named an Eamonaut of the Month at least six times from 1993 to 1997 and announced the honorees in the Eamon Adventurer's Guild Newsletter; the winners usually received several free Eamon diskettes of their choice.


Month Honorees
December 1993 Phillip Moore, "who regularly sends me pages and pages of bug reports and general commentary."
Runner-up: Ralph Glatt, "with a letter that had lots of interesting ideas and comments."
March 1994 Phillip Moore, "with a bunch of bug reports and a couple of nice letters."
Special mentions: Frank Kunze and Phil Schulz, "who have been a real pleasures to work with on their new Eamon adventures."
June 1994 Jim Grosshans, "who has contributed a lot of good stuff over the past year."
Special recognition: Frank Black for "several recent contributions and the very high quality of his Eamon."
September 1994 Ken Kill, "for his offer of assistance to his fellow Eamonauts.
Runners-up: Phil Smith, Jim Grosshans, and Phil Schulz. "Jim in particular deserves recognition for an endless stream of excellent ideas and suggestions."
December 1994 Phil Schulz, "for his Eamon review and bug reports."
June 1997 Steve Bernbaum, who "supplied me with his own special copy of the Eamon Master [with] bug fixes plus several other enhancements."