Storm Breaker

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Storm Breaker
Eamon adventure #166
Author Sam Ruby
Released March 1989
Revised 19 October 1993 (DOS)
9 January 1993 (ProDOS)
EAG number 166
EDX number 09-13
EDX set The Sam Ruby Adventures
Native format Apple DOS 3.3
Files Eamon 166 - Storm Breaker, Disk 1.dsk
Eamon 166 - Storm Breaker, Disk 2.dsk
Eamon 166 - Storm Breaker, Disk 3.dsk
Eamon 166 - Storm Breaker, Disk 1 (ProDOS).dsk
Eamon 166 - Storm Breaker, Disk 2 (ProDOS).dsk

Elemental Apocalypse II: Storm Breaker is an Eamon adventure written by Sam Ruby and released in March 1989 which forms a sequel to his earlier Elemental Apocalypse (1987).


Though Storm Breaker continues the story that began in the earlier Elemental Apocalypse, both adventures stand on their own and players don't have to complete the first in order to play the second.

In his author's notes, Ruby says he wrote most of the adventure in 1986 after building Elemental Apocalypse and tried to keep to the same style and spirit, with a similar variety of settings, monsters, and artifacts.


Having averted an Elemental Apocalypse in Northland, you depart for your home continent and after a long sea voyage finally reach the coast, but a powerful and unnatural storm forces you to take shelter in an unknown port.

Meanwhile, a mysterious consciousness awakes after a millennium of sleep, hungry for control and worship...

Full introduction

After three long months, the cry was heard.

"Land, ho!"

You had finally reached your home continent. You went up the coast, looking for a sea port, but for three days you found none. On the morning of the fourth day, you awoke to find something else. A tremendous storm had set in, the likes of which you had never seen. The clouds were black and threaded with crackling energy. Huge waves and strange currents tossed your ship about. Finally, a port was sighted, and with great hardship you made it in safely.

The captain says that sailing is impossible under these unnatural conditions and that the best thing to do is to wait it out. You agree, and as the crew secures the ship, you step out onto the docks.

* * *

Centuries of sleep ended. He awoke. Gradually his awareness returned...

And he remembered.

Then he looked outside...

A city surrounded him — it had been built around his tower! But by whom?

They were men, and for a moment he feared his enemies of long ago had survived... but no, these that surrounded him now were weak; unlike the others, these could be controlled.

He felt power surging through him, recharged after a millennium of rest. Aye, he would rule them, and they would worship him, for was he not a god?


Ruby provides a lengthy "solutions" file on the second disk that provides hunts and instructions for successfully completing the adventure. For the full text, see Source:Storm Breaker notes#Solutions.

⚠️ A map is needed for this adventure.


Reviewing Storm Breaker in the June 1989 newsletter, Tom Zuchowski praised the adventure's complexity and craftsmanship, noting that its emphasis is on exploration and puzzle-solving rather than simply combat. He called the story detailed and complex and rated its difficulty as anywhere from a 5 to a 10, depending on how often the player uses the list of hints and solutions that Ruby includes with the game. Zuchowski gave the adventure an overall rating of 9 out of 10.

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