The Maze of Quasequeton

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The Maze of Quasequeton
Eamon adventure #95
Author Brian Kondalski
Released May 1985
Revised 16 January 1994
EAG number 95
EDX number 15-04
EDX set Classic Eamon Adventures, Vol. 3
Native format Apple DOS 3.3
File Eamon 95 - The Maze of Quasequeton.dsk

The Maze of Quasequeton is one of two Eamon adventures written by Brian Kondalski, both released in May 1985.


The adventure's mission is simple, as explained in its brief introduction:

You have heard that a group of fighters have gathered in the Maze of Quasequeton. You know that they are lead by a man called the Master. You must find him and kill him. Good luck!!


Having descended a set of stairs into the dungeon, you begin in a room with exits in all four directions.

Adventure map by Huw Williams
  1. First off, battle the living green slime clinging to the ceiling.
  2. The east and west exits lead only to supply rooms. Check them out, kill the rat and snake lurking there, and return.
  3. The south exit leads into a passage. Kill the skeleton waiting there, collect the gold, and return to the entrance.
  4. Go north into the littered storeroom
  5. Go east into the guardroom and fight the ogre. Collect the necklace and diamond.
  6. Go east into the corridor and east again into a temple. Kill the statue and take the jade idol. Return to the corridor.
  7. Follow the corridor south and enter the west room where you can battle a couple of gnolls. Return to the corridor.
  8. Go south, then west into the small cavern and dispatch the wraith.
  9. Go east twice. The way home is east, but you haven't completed your mission yet so take the north passage.
  10. Fight your way through the sergeant and the three guards.
  11. Go north into the empty barracks where you'll find jewels and a crossbow.
  12. Enter the room to the east and you'll encounter the Master, the man you've come to kill. Defeat him and take the valuable sceptre, bracelet, and book.
  13. Return to the exit point (W, S, S), head east, and the adventure is complete!


In announcing the adventure's release in the May 1985 newsletter, John Nelson wrote that the adventure was suitable for beginners but would probably be boring for experienced players, given that it's simple and contains little to no special programming.

Tom Zuchowski gave it a rating of 4, calling it "very short and simple but cleanly written" and suggesting it would be a "good choice for young Eamonauts".


  • The adventure is likely named for the town of Quasqueton, Iowa.
  • The sergeant's sword, Narsil, is from J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings.
  • When converting the adventure to Eamon Deluxe, Frank Black made humorous additions to some of the monsters, changing one of the gnolls to a "droll gnoll", giving the snake "buck-toothed" fangs, and adding funny descriptions to the guards.

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