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Eamon Remastered is a web-based update of Eamon, created by Keith Dechant. As of January 2018, nearly 20 adventures have been ported so far.

Eamon Remastered runs entirely in a web browser, with no need for Apple II or MS-DOS emulators.

Screenshot of the Eamon Remastered Welcome screen

Eamon Remastered includes most of the game enhancements present in Eamon 6.0, 7.0, and Eamon Deluxe, such as embedded artifacts, openable doors and gates, healing potions, etc. It also introduces several new features:

  • Players can bring armor and shields they find on their quests back to the Main Hall
  • The player can no longer use a shield while using a two-handed weapon
  • The player's current location and inventory appear in a sidebar during play
  • The INVENTORY command no longer exists, but you can see what a monster is carrying by saying LOOK (monster). For neutral and hostile monsters, this only shows the monster's ready weapon, not their full inventory
Screenshot of Eamon Remastered game play
  • All adventures share a common Main Program, with their custom code stored in a separate file for each adventure
  • All adventures have been upgraded to the latest features, including the Eamon 7.0 combat logic, embedded artifacts, doors and gates, and healing potions.

Eamon Remastered also includes an updated Main Hall with a few new features:

  • The entire interface is point-and-click
  • Player data is saved directly into the player's web browser so there is no need to log in
  • Marcos now sells both standard weapons and a randomly-generated set of expensive magic weapons
  • Hokas Tokas will teach the player a spell again if the player isn't satisfied with his or her current ability. Hokas charges the fee again, of course, and cannot increase the player's spell ability much above 90%.

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