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The Eamon Remastered welcome screen

Eamon Remastered is a web-based update of Eamon created by Keith Dechant. The system currently features 41 adventures.


Dechant began the Eamon Remastered project at GitHub on 13 January 2016 and has since made nearly 700 commits as he continues to develop the system and extend its adventure library. The game launched on 4 February 2017 at eamon-remastered.com with seven ported adventures: The Beginners Cave, The Training Ground, Eamon Deluxe 5.0 Demo Adventure, The Devil's Dungeon, The Magic Kingdom, Furioso, and The Caves of Treasure Island.


Eamon Remastered runs entirely in a web browser with no need for Apple II or MS-DOS emulators and includes most of the game enhancements present in Eamon 6.0, 7.0, and Eamon Deluxe, such as embedded artifacts, openable doors and gates, healing potions, etc. It also introduces several new features:

Screenshot of Eamon Remastered game play
  • Players can bring armor and shields they find on their quests back to the Main Hall
  • The player can no longer use a shield while using a two-handed weapon
  • The player's current location and inventory appear in a sidebar during play
  • The INVENTORY command no longer exists, but you can see what a monster is carrying by saying LOOK (monster). For neutral and hostile monsters, this only shows the monster's ready weapon, not their full inventory
  • All adventures share a common Main Program, with their custom code stored in a separate file for each adventure
  • All adventures have been upgraded to the latest features, including the Eamon 7.0 combat logic, embedded artifacts, doors and gates, and healing potions.

Eamon Remastered also includes an updated Main Hall with a few new features:

  • The entire interface is point-and-click
  • Player data is saved directly into the player's web browser so there is no need to log in
  • Marcos Cavielli now sells both standard weapons and a randomly-generated set of expensive magic weapons
  • Hokas Tokas will teach the player a spell again if the player isn't satisfied with his or her current ability. Hokas charges the fee again, of course, and cannot increase the player's spell ability much above 90%.

The game has a stone and parchment-themed interface with icons created by Ravenmore.


The 41 adventures below have been ported to, or created for, Eamon Remastered.

Number Title Author Added
8 The Abductor's Quarters Jim Jacobson 23 September 2017
275 Assault on the Clone Master Keith Dechant 14 August 2017
26 Assault on the Mole Man John Nelson 29 April 2017
194 Attack of the Kretons Nathan Segerlind 8 June 2019
140 Beginner's Forest Margaret Anderson 23 April 2017
1 The Beginners Cave Donald Brown 4 February 2017
69 The Black Castle of NaGog Doug Burrows 25 January 2018
3 The Cave of the Mind Jim Jacobson, Red Varnum 4 February 2017
13 The Caves of Treasure Island Paul Braun, Geoffrey Genz 4 February 2017
252 Cliffs of Fire Wade Clarke 10 February 2018
206 Curse of the Hellsblade John Nelson, Tom Zuchowski 16 December 2017
213 Demongate Hoyle Purvis 14 January 2018
52 The Devil's Dungeon Jeanette Merrill 4 February 2017
245 Dracula's Chateau Paul Braun 13 October 2019
268 Eamon Deluxe 5.0 Demo Adventure Frank Black 4 February 2017
14 Escape from Mt. Moon Logan Blizzard 31 December 2021
44 Escape from the Orc Lair Jay Hinkelman 5 February 2017
109 The Forest of Fear Sam Ruby 15 February 2021
14 Furioso William Davis 4 February 2017
35 The Lair of Mutants Evan Hodson
2 The Lair of the Minotaur Donald Brown 27 May 2017
107 The Last Dragon Roger Pender 30 August 2017
10 The Magic Kingdom David Cook 4 February 2017
277 Malleus Maleficarum Keith Dechant 8 April 2020
57 The Manxome Foe Ray Olszewski 1 December 2019
108 The Mines of Moria Sam Ruby 28 December 2020
33 The Orb of Polaris John Nelson 19 January 2019
216 The Pirate's Cave Margaret Anderson 27 June 2018
78 The Prince's Tavern Bob Davis 23 May 2017
37 The Quest for the Holy Grail Evan Hodson 5 May 2019
27 Revenge of the Mole Man John Nelson 16 January 2018
115 The Ring of Doom Sam Ruby 17 October 2021
273 Stronghold of Kahr-Dur Derek Jeter 9 July 2019
246 The Sword of Inari Matthew Clark 6 June 2018
45 SwordQuest Roger Pender 19 January 2018
23 The Temple of Ngurct James Plamondon, Robert Plamondon 10 July 2018
77 Temple of the Trolls John Nelson 27 June 2018
195 The Training Ground Charles Hewgley 4 February 2017
274 The Treachery of Zorag Derek Jeter 17 August 2020
215 Treasure Island Margaret Anderson 2 July 2018
230 Well of the Great Ones Mike Ellis, Tom Zuchowski 2 December 2019

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