Matthew Grayson

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Matthew Grayson
Full name Matthew Grayson
Notability Adventure author
Location California
Occupation Teacher

Matthew Grayson is the creator of the Eamon adventure Tomb of the Vampire, which he co-authored with his grandfather William Trent. In correspondence with Huw Williams in 2020, Grayson recalls first playing Eamon as a child at his grandfather's house when he and his brother would visit him in the summer:

"I found the Eamon games, and enjoyed playing them. Back then I was into Dungeons and Dragons, so I really liked that you could play role playing games on the computer. I remember playing games and being able to keep the weapons acquired for new games."

Grayson surprised his grandfather by writing his own adventure for the system, Tomb of the Vampire, which he populated with some of the things he remembered from his time playing D&D with his friends, including the Holy Avenger Sword, Ogre Magi, Elf Warriors, etc. Trent expanded and fleshed out Grayson's adventure and submitted it to the National Eamon User's Club; its successor, the EAG, released the adventure in June 1988.

Grayson is currently a high school teacher of world history, computer applications, and finance.