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This is a Class C (bronze star) article.
Eamon adventure #14
Furioso intro.png
Author William Davis
Released c. 1981
EAG number 14
EDX number 13-03
EDX set Classic Eamon Adventures, Vol. 1
Native format Apple DOS 3.3

Furioso is an Eamon adventure written by William Davis.


The introduction describes the adventurer's unfortunate situation:

You made a big mistake.

When you accepted the mission to find the smugglers' contact in the city you did not think you would be this bad off.

As you strolled along the docks last night hoping to gain some information on the smugglers you stopped off at a local tavern.

Your mistake was ordering a drink.

It's not that the drink tasted bad.

It's not that it made you sick.

It's that the drink was drugged.

Your last memory was of a smiling, fat-jowled barkeep with deep red hair.

"Drink up, me fine lad," he said as he slapped you on the back.

The world started to weave as he "helped" you into the back room.

As the game begins, the adventurer awakens, stripped of possessions and lying in the dark on a hard wooden floor.

Eamon Deluxe creator Frank Black makes a few minor adjustments to this introduction in his updated version of the adventure, including specifying that the mission to find the smugglers' contact takes place in "a strange city". Black's introduction is also used in the Eamon Remastered version.


The island is unnamed and its location relative to the Main Hall is unknown, but from its characteristics — an island with thick jungle and a volcano, inhabited by natives and within reasonable sailing distance of Evenhold — it may be the same one the adventure visited previously in The Caves of Treasure Island.

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